Vivo Y81

Rs. N/A $N/A

61 online shop options

Vivo V9 Youth

Rs.27999 $242

89 online shop options

Vivo Y71

Rs.19999 $173

59 online shop options

Vivo V9

Rs.33999 $294

199 online shop options

Vivo V7 Plus

Rs. N/A $N/A

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Vivo V7

Rs. N/A $N/A

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Vivo V5s

Rs. N/A $N/A

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Vivo Y69

Rs.23999 $230

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Vivo Y55s

Rs. N/A $N/A

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Vivo Y53

Rs.16999 $147

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A Chinese technology company dealing with the designing, developing and manufacturing of smartphones and their accessories, is known by the name of Vivo. The company was founded back in the year 2009.

Vivo has since turned out to be enrolled in more than 100 nations around the globe. Vivo started its worldwide development in 2014 when it entered the Thai market. The organization immediately took after this up by propelling in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

Vivo mobile is Amos for using hi-fi chips in its range of smartphones. The company has developed much software including Vivo app store, I manager and fun touch OS which is an android based operating system. Vivo stood in the top 10 brands of mobile making companies after capturing the global share of this market by 2.7%. You would be amazed to know that Vivo has revealed world’s first Smartphone which is going to offer under screen fingerprint scanner in CES. The journey which started in 2009, from then Vivo has registered itself in over 100 countries all around the globe. In the year 2017, June, Vivo officially launched itself in Pakistan and from then onwards it is growing rapidly across the country.

The Vivo is a youthful worldwide cellphone mark concentrating on presenting impeccable sound quality and extreme photography with forefront innovation, Vivo creates dynamic and sharp items for enthusiastic youngsters. It creates and makes cell phones, cell phone frill, programming, and online administrations. Established in 2009, Vivo has immediately ventured into business sectors in India and South East Asia.

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