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Generally known as oppo mobiles, Oppo Electronics Corporation is a Chinese consumer Electronics Company which is based on innovative electronic products and now it is a renowned name in the industry of smartphones.

Back in 2001 company registered itself in China and launched its product for the frost time in the year 2004. Oppo electronic corporation has been dealing in smartphones, blue-ray players, and several electronic devices, mainly targeting the youth segment.

In 2016 oppo electronics was ranked as the fourth Smartphone brand in the world whereas it stood first in China. In the year 2008 oppo entered in the mobile phone industry and in a short span of time it captured a huge market share of this industry.

As per the mission statement of the company, they want to enable the extraordinary people to enjoy the perfect technologies; therefore they keep on bringing new and innovative products time by time.

The selfie master and pioneer, OPPO is positioned as the number 4 cell phone mark universally since 2016 and is giving superb selfie encounters to an ever-increasing number of youngsters around the globe.

Throughout the previous 10 years, OPPO has been concentrating on selfie innovation achievements. OPPO advanced selfie beautification and drove the selfie drift in the cell phone industry. In 2017, OPPO presented A.I. to the front camera and is driving a fresh new era and the time of the selfie.

Now OPPO and Qualcomm have made improvements of the picture flag processor with the Snapdragon 660, brags a speedier concentration speed than the prior R9s demonstrate, with more striking hues and furthermore better-capturing capacities in low light.

Below is the list of complete features and specifications of the OPPO phones which would help you to get a complete picture of the masterpieces from the OPPO mobiles.