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The grandest name of the mobile phone industry, Nokia, needs no introduction.

The organization is seen with national pride by Finns, as its fruitful cell phone business made it by a wide margin the biggest overall organization and brand from Finland. At its top in 2000, amid the telecoms bubble, Nokia alone represented 4% of the nation's GDP, 21% of aggregate fares and 70% of the Helsinki Stock Exchange advertise.

In the year 2017, Nokia engaged approximately 102,000 people across over 100 countries for the employment and did the successful business in more than 130 countries. The reported annual revenues of the organization were around €23 billion which obviously is a huge amount.

The truth is that the Nokia has enjoyed the position of a king for a long time in the mobile phone industry, but unfortunately suffered a great decline a few years back. But, that was not the end of the story; Nokia has risen back with the accretion of android technology.

Nokia came back with its identical handset 3310 which was the most famous set of its time. This time Nokia is bringing it with a smart camera and color lights.

And as the matter of fact, the day isn’t so far when Nokia will establish and hit back in the world of mobile phones with advanced and innovative technologies.

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