Key Features & Score

The overall Specifications Score

10 6.6 1
Display 7.58333333333 / 10 5.1" (1440 x 2560)
Camera 6.5625 / 10 Front: 16 MP Main: 5 MP
Performance 5.60562015504 / 10 Quad-Core 1.5 GHZ
Storage 4.96124031008 / 10 RAM:3GB Storage:32/64/128GB
Battery 6.5 / 10 2600 mAh

Popularity #211 from 1497 mobiles

Group Rank #6 from 13 mobiles Group Range: Rs.53000 To Rs.65000

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Prices in Pakistan

Rs. 21,500 North Nazimabad Karachi
Rs. 19,500 Hyderabad
Rs. 25,000 Tariq Road Karachi
Rs. 20,500 Peco Road Lahore
Rs. 20,000 Model Colony Karachi
Rs. 17,500 G Islamabad
Rs. 21,000 Jhelum
Rs. 22,500Sham Nagar Lahore
Rs. 18,000 Jhelum
Rs. 19,500 Tariq Gardens Lahore
Rs. 30,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 22,000 Peshawar
Rs. 15,000 Sargodha
Rs. 18,500 Sargodha
Rs. 22,999 D H A Phase8 Lahore
Rs. 12,000Chakra Rawalpindi
Rs. 16,000Azizabad Karachi
Rs. 22,000 Multan
Rs. 30,000 Bund Road Lahore
Rs. 10,500 Amir Khusro Karachi
Rs. 15,000 Gulberg Town Karachi
Rs. 22,000 Bahria Town Lahore
Rs. 19,999 D H A Karachi
Rs. 8,000 Peshawar
Rs. 22,000 Commercial Market Rawalpindi
Rs. 19,999 Allama Iqbal Town Lahore
Rs. 28,000 Sargodha
Rs. 30,000 Johar Town Lahore
Rs. 20,500 Adiala Road Rawalpindi
Rs. 18,999 Gulshan Karachi
Rs. 17,000 Aisha Manzil Karachi
Rs. 25,000 Hyderabad
Rs. 23,000 Johar Town Lahore
Rs. 25,000 Malir Karachi
Rs. 23,000Lytton Road Lahore
Rs. 20,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 22,500 Bharakahu Islamabad
Rs. 18,500 Metrovil Karachi
Rs. 25,000 Gulshan Karachi
Rs. 13,500 Gulshan Karachi
Rs. 17,000 Gujrat
Rs. 5,000 Nazimabad Karachi
Rs. 30,000 Club Road Karachi
Rs. 15,000 Sanda Lahore
Rs. 15,000 Abdullah Haroon Road Karachi
Rs. 16,500Gulshan Karachi
Rs. 24,500 Baghbanpura Lahore
Rs. 19,500 Rufi Lake Drive Apartments Karachi
Rs. 20,000 Gulshan Karachi
Rs. 18,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 21,000 Abid Majeed Road Rawalpindi
Rs. 24,500 Ring Road Lahore
Rs. 16,500 Abbasi Shaheed Karachi
Rs. 15,000 Swabi
Rs. 45,000 Sialkot
Rs. 8,000 Mughalpura Lahore
Rs. 25,000 Valencia Town Lahore
Rs. 16,500 Godhra Karachi
Rs. 20,000 Rashid Minhas Road Karachi
Rs. 26,999 Aabpara Coop Housing Society Lahore
Rs. 25,999 Gulshan Lahore
Rs. 18,500 Godhra Karachi
Rs. 18,000 Khawaja Ajmeer Nagri Karachi
Rs. 11,000 Singo Line Karachi
Rs. 24,000 Jhelum
Rs. 35,000 Scheme33 Karachi
Rs. 20,000 Model Colony Karachi
Rs. 23,500 Gujranwala
Rs. 46,000 Abbottabad
Rs. 21,500 Qayyumabad Karachi
Rs. 22,000 Abid Town Karachi
Rs. 24,500 Navy Housing Scheme Karsaz Karachi
Rs. 24,500 Khushab
Rs. 21,000 Dream Villas Lahore
Rs. 27,500 Pak Colony Karachi
Rs. 23,000 Nazimabad Karachi
Rs. 17,000 D H A Defence Karachi
Rs. 21,999 Township Lahore
Rs. 12,500 Hyderabad
Rs. 22,000 Swabi
Rs. 23,000 Johar Town Lahore
Rs. 16,000 Hyderabad
Rs. 8,700 Faisalabad
Rs. 29,500 Johar Town Lahore
Rs. 20,000 Quetta
Rs. 22,000 Gulistan Karachi
Rs. 15,000 Aisha Manzil Karachi
Rs. 15,200 Chakwal
Rs. 5,9997th Avenue Islamabad
Rs. 19,900 Tahir Villa Karachi
Rs. 13,000 D H A Defence Karachi
Rs. 26,000 M. A. Jinnah Road Karachi
Rs. 18,500 Abdullah Haroon Road Karachi
Rs. 9,000 Sargodha
Rs. 19,000 Shalimar Link Road Lahore
Rs. 23,000 Wah
Rs. 13,500 P. I. B. Colony Karachi
Rs. 18,000100 Quarters Karachi
Rs. 24,000 Allama Iqbal Road Lahore
Rs. 23,000Mazang Lahore
Rs. 21,500 Jora Pull Lahore
Rs. 20,000 Nazimabad Karachi
Rs. 24,500 Abid Market Lahore
Rs. 23,000 Gulshan Karachi
Rs. 20,000 Gujranwala
Rs. 17,500 Mochipura Morr Lahore
Rs. 29,500 Al Falah Society Karachi
Rs. 24,000 Aibak Road Lahore
Rs. 12,000 Wah
Rs. 18,500 Korangi Karachi
Rs. 24,000 Haripur
Rs. 19,500 Paposh Nagar Karachi
Rs. 17,500 Quaidabad Karachi
Rs. 35,000 Abbottabad
Rs. 16,000 Shahra Karachi
Rs. 25,000 Gujranwala
Rs. 20,000 Quetta
Rs. 27,000 Allama Iqbal Town Lahore
Rs. 28,000 Saddar Rawalpindi
Rs. 30,500 Sham Nagar Lahore
Rs. 18,500 Korangi Sector33 Karachi
Rs. 16,000 Orangi Town Karachi
Rs. 15,000 Okara
Rs. 16,000 Nazimabad Karachi
Rs. 14,000 Mehmoodabad Karachi
Rs. 21,000 Azizabad Karachi
Rs. 34,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 21,499 Dharampura Lahore
Rs. 21,500 Gujranwala
Rs. 16,000 Abbottabad
Rs. 16,500 Commercial Market Rawalpindi
Rs. 21,500 Park View Tower Karachi
Rs. 22,000 Zamzama Karachi
Rs. 22,000 Saddar Town Karachi
Rs. 21,000 Orangi Town Karachi
Rs. 17,500 Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi
Rs. 23,000 College Road Rawalpindi
Rs. 29,000 Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi
Rs. 25,000 Gulistan Karachi
Rs. 16,500 Westridge Rawalpindi
Rs. 14,999 Malir Karachi
Rs. 22,000 Central Jacob Lines Karachi
Rs. 18,500 Mustafa Taj Colony Karachi
Rs. 15,500 I. I. Chundrigar Road Karachi
Rs. 25,500 Anda Mor Road Karachi
Rs. 26,000 North Karachi Karachi
Rs. 29,000 North Nazimabad Karachi
Rs. 18,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 23,000Dharampura Lahore
Rs. 46,000 Abbottabad
Rs. 18,500DHA Defence Karachi
Rs. 26,500 Gulberg 2 Lahore
Rs. 22,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 5,000 Peshawar
Rs. 18,500DHA Karachi
Rs. 24,000 Peshawar
Rs. 15,500Azizabad Karachi
Rs. 16,000Gadap Town Karachi
Rs. 23,500Punjab Govt Employees Society Lahore
Rs. 22,000Allama Iqbal Town Lahore
Rs. 22,000 Multan
Rs. 25,000Bund Road Lahore
Rs. 10,500Amir Khusro Karachi
Rs. 15,000Gulberg Town Karachi
Rs. 22,000Bahria Town Lahore
Rs. 30,000Johar Town Lahore
Rs. 21,000 Mirpur
Rs. 18,999Gulshan Karachi
Rs. 30,000 Gujranwala
Rs. 25,000 Hyderabad
Rs. 23,000Johar Town Lahore
Rs. 25,000Malir Karachi
Rs. 20,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 22,500 Wah
Rs. 19,000 Sialkot
Rs. 22,500Bhara kahu Islamabad
Rs. 18,000Malik Gardens Lahore
Rs. 18,500Metrovil Karachi
Rs. 25,000Gulshan Karachi
Rs. 13,500Gulshan Karachi
Rs. 17,000 Gujrat
Rs. 5,000Nazimabad Karachi
Rs. 30,000Club Road Karachi
Rs. 15,000Sanda Lahore
Rs. 15,000Abdullah Haroon Road Karachi
Rs. 1,500Bilal Gunj Lahore
Rs. 7,000Sharifabad Karachi
Rs. 23,000North Karachi Karachi
Rs. 13,500Yaseenabad Karachi
Rs. 24,500Baghbanpura Lahore
Rs. 19,500Rufi Lake Drive Apartments Karachi
Rs. 31,000Sakhi Hasan Karachi
Rs. 19,500Gulistan Karachi
Rs. 17,500 Chishtian Mandi
Rs. 17,000 Quetta
Rs. 25,000North Nazimabad Karachi
Rs. 20,000Abdullah Haroon Road Karachi
Rs. 30,000 Sialkot
Rs. 20,000Liaquatabad Karachi
Rs. 19,800Allama Iqbal Town Lahore
Rs. 24,000Model Town Lahore
Rs. 14,500Aisha Manzil Karachi
Rs. 25,500 Toba Tek singh
Rs. 22,500Canal Bank Housing Scheme Lahore
Rs. 15,000MT Khan Road Karachi
Rs. 18,500DHA Defence Karachi
Rs. 20,500Morgah Rawalpindi
Rs. 14,000Malir Karachi
Rs. 29,000Model Colony Karachi
Rs. 13,999Airport Karachi
Rs. 17,500 Peshawar
Rs. 23,000Johar Town Lahore
Rs. 16,500Rufi Lake Drive Apartments Karachi
Rs. 20,000Zaman Town Karachi
Rs. 18,000Abdullah Haroon Road Karachi
Rs. 26,500Gulberg 2 Lahore
Rs. 28,000Bund Road Lahore
Rs. 17,000Aisha Manzil Karachi
Rs. 23,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 20,000Gulshan Karachi
Rs. 21,000Abid Majeed Road Rawalpindi
Rs. 24,500Ring Road Lahore
Rs. 16,500Abbasi Shaheed Karachi
Rs. 15,000 Swabi
Rs. 8,000Mughalpura Lahore
Rs. 25,000Valencia Town Lahore
Rs. 16,500Godhra Karachi
Rs. 20,000Rashid Minhas Road Karachi
Rs. 25,999Gulshan Lahore
Rs. 18,500Godhra Karachi
Rs. 18,000Khawaja Ajmeer Nagri Karachi
Rs. 11,000Singo Line Karachi
Rs. 21,000 Sialkot
Rs. 19,000Allahabad Road Rawalpindi
Rs. 30,000Lalazar Rawalpindi
Rs. 23,500Wapda Town Lahore
Rs. 15,500Gulshan Karachi
Rs. 17,500M.A. Jinnah Road Karachi
Rs. 22,500Awan Town Lahore
Rs. 30,000Gulistan Karachi
Rs. 24,500Gulistan Karachi
Rs. 20,000 Hyderabad
Rs. 40,000Saddar Rawalpindi
Rs. 11,800Nasirabad Karachi
Rs. 23,500Mughalpura Lahore
Rs. 18,000Gulshan Karachi
Rs. 11,500Johar Town Lahore
Rs. 18,000Fazal Town Rawalpindi
Rs. 17,000 Sialkot
Rs. 15,000 Peshawar
Rs. 18,000Faisal Town Lahore
Rs. 20,000G Islamabad
Rs. 20,000Orangi Town Karachi
Rs. 23,000Khanna Pul Rawalpindi
Rs. 18,000 Hyderabad
Rs. 14,000Korangi Karachi
Rs. 26,000 Burewala
Rs. 22,500Bhogiwal Road Lahore
Rs. 20,000 Quetta
Rs. 18,000 Model Town Lahore
Rs. 21,000 Sialkot
Rs. 22,000Shams Abad Rawalpindi
Rs. 22,000Samanabad Lahore
Rs. 10,000 Gujranwala
Rs. 18,000 Sialkot
Rs. 14,500 Multan
Rs. 22,500Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore
Rs. 20,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 12,000Liaquatabad Karachi
Rs. 22,500 Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore
Rs. 14,500 Multan
Rs. 15,000 Peshawar
Rs. 10,000 Gujranwala
Rs. 18,000 Sialkot
Rs. 18,000 Ali Pur Islamabad
Rs. 11,000Angoori Bagh Lahore
Rs. 17,500 Peshawar
Rs. 18,000Ali Pur Islamabad
Rs. 15,500 Gulzar Karachi
Rs. 12,000 Mianwali
Rs. 26,000Abdalians Housing Society Lahore
Rs. 16,500 Gujrat
Rs. 23,000 Gujrat
Rs. 28,000Navy Housing Scheme Karsaz Karachi
Rs. 21,000Tarnol Islamabad
Rs. 19,000Garhi Shahu Lahore
Rs. 22,000 Abbottabad
Rs. 18,000 Multan
Rs. 17,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 26,000Johar Town Lahore
Rs. 14,500 Gujranwala
Rs. 23,000 Abbottabad
Rs. 15,000 Sialkot
Rs. 18,000Tajpura Lahore
Rs. 22,000 Sahiwal
Rs. 19,000Abul Hassan Isphani Road Karachi
Rs. 20,000Marghzar Officers Colony Lahore
Rs. 19,500Jhanda Chichi Rawalpindi
Rs. 11,000Korangi Sector 33 Karachi
Rs. 18,500 Peshawar
Rs. 25,000Safoora Goth Karachi
Rs. 21,000Garden East Karachi
Rs. 16,500Afshan Colony Rawalpindi
Rs. 20,000 Mandi Bahauddin
Rs. 16,000Landhi 2 Karachi
Rs. 21,000D Islamabad
Rs. 18,000Tariq Gardens Lahore
Rs. 18,000Garden Town Lahore
Rs. 20,999 Gujranwala
Rs. 23,000Abid Majeed Road Rawalpindi
Rs. 14,500Bahria Town Lahore
Rs. 13,000 Gujranwala
Rs. 20,000 Jhelum
Rs. 18,000Dhok Mangtal Rawalpindi
Rs. 15,500Saggian Lahore
Rs. 23,000Green Town Lahore
Rs. 20,000Abid City Lahore
Rs. 19,999 Sahiwal
Rs. 19,500 Wah
Rs. 20,000Bahria Town Lahore
Rs. 21,999Johar Town Lahore
Rs. 28,000Gulberg 3 Lahore
Rs. 10,000 Gujranwala
Rs. 18,500DHA Defence Karachi
Rs. 21,000 Hyderabad
Rs. 18,000Allama Iqbal Town Lahore
Rs. 17,000Wapda Town Lahore
Rs. 20,000 Hyderabad
Rs. 18,999DHA Karachi
Rs. 21,000Gawal Mandi Rawalpindi
Rs. 21,000Buffer Zone 1 Karachi
Rs. 15,500Fatima Jinnah Colony Karachi
Rs. 19,000Johar Town Lahore
Rs. 15,000 Sadiqabad
Rs. 26,500Ittifaq Town Lahore
Rs. 20,000Johar Town Lahore
Rs. 20,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 24,500Rufi Lake Drive Apartments Karachi
Rs. 25,000Chauburji Park Lahore
Rs. 13,000Quaidabad Karachi
Rs. 15,500 Gujranwala
Rs. 14,500Azizabad Karachi
Rs. 22,500Others Islamabad
Rs. 10,000Aisha Manzil Karachi
Rs. 10,000Landhi 1 Karachi
Rs. 22,000 Abbottabad
Rs. 15,500Amir Khusro Karachi
Rs. 23,000Nazimabad Karachi
Rs. 17,000Model Town Lahore
Rs. 23,000Range Road Rawalpindi
Rs. 26,000Bahria Town Lahore
Rs. 10,000Satellite Town Rawalpindi
Rs. 29,000Paragon City Lahore
Rs. 27,000Afshan Colony Rawalpindi
Rs. 23,000Murree Road Rawalpindi
Rs. 25,000Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore
Rs. 19,800Bhara kahu Islamabad
Rs. 15,500New Karachi Karachi
Rs. 21,000 Multan
Rs. 15,000Saddar Town Karachi
Rs. 21,000 Wazirabad
Rs. 21,000 Chiniot
Rs. 21,000Okaf Colony Lahore
Rs. 15,500Liaquatabad Karachi
Rs. 16,000Ferozepur Road Lahore
Rs. 16,000 Multan
Rs. 21,000Garden West Karachi
Rs. 11,200Jinnah Colony Lahore
Rs. 25,000Model Town Lahore
Rs. 15,500Gulzar Karachi
Rs. 12,000 Mianwali
Rs. 14,000Model Town Lahore
Rs. 15,000Central Jacob Lines Karachi
Rs. 22,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 18,000Askari 14 Rawalpindi
Rs. 19,999Gulshan Lahore
Rs. 10,000Chungi Amar Sadhu Lahore
Rs. 16,000 Peshawar
Rs. 27,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 17,500Korangi Karachi
Rs. 19,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 22,0009th Avenue Islamabad
Rs. 17,000 Peshawar
Rs. 14,000Abbasi Shaheed Karachi
Rs. 15,500100 Quarters Karachi
Rs. 19,500 Faisalabad
Rs. 17,000Satellite Town Rawalpindi
Rs. 24,000G Islamabad
Rs. 18,500 Hyderabad
Rs. 16,000 Chishtian Mandi
Rs. 18,000 Bahawalpur
Rs. 18,000Fateh Garh Lahore
Rs. 5,000Gulistan Karachi
Rs. 9,500 Sargodha
Rs. 19,000Allama Iqbal Colony Karachi
Rs. 18,500Bhadarabad Karachi
Rs. 23,000 Abbottabad
Rs. 21,500Bahria Town Lahore
Rs. 18,000Bahria Town Rawalpindi Rawalpindi
Rs. 28,000Gulberg 3 Lahore
Rs. 17,500Rustam Park Lahore
Rs. 11,000 Faisalabad
Rs. 14,000Gulistan Karachi
Rs. 5,000F Islamabad
Rs. 18,500G Islamabad

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Specifications


  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is manufactured by Samsung mobiles.
  • Samsung has launched almost 69 mobiles till today in Pakistan.
  • Samsung is launching almost 22 mobiles very soon in Pakistan.



Good Specification


Good specifications means you can trust on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge mobile but you must have to see other options as well

Good Popularity

#211 out of 1497 mobiles

Ranking Good among peoples who are loving it

Normal Group Ranking

#6 out of 13 mobiles
Group Range: Rs.53000 To Rs.65000

Normal group ranking means this mobile is taking not much people interest in thier price range other mobiles


Quite Big Screen

5.1 inches

Internet surfing, Reading and watching videos is more perfect on a bigger screen.

Good Resolution Screen


There will be Good sharp and clear videos, Images and text

Superb Display

Perfect screen size with perfect resolution will gives you excellent experience


Front Selfie Expert

16 MP

Superb option for front camera selfie for videos & images

Good Camera

Best camera to take good quality photos & vidoes


Lots Of RAM

3 GB

Lots Of RAM means more applications can run at the same time, which makes the phone faster.

Normal Mobile Speed

Sppeed of mobile will be Normal


Faster CPU

1.5 Ghz

Faster CPU means more fast processing speed & experience.


Good Battery Time

2600 mAh

Good battery time to talk, read & watch videos



Poor Back Camera

5 MP

Bad option for back camera selfie for videos & images

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Description

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Price Insights

   Nothing change in price 0.00% from Rs.59000 on 12 December, 2017 to Rs.59000 today.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Video Review

No Video found!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Specifications

Dimensions 142.1 x 70.1 x 7 mm
Weight132 g
Battery2600 mAh
OSAndroid OS, v5.0.2 (Lollipop)
Memory32/64/128GB built-in, 3GB RAM
Processor1.5 GHz Quad-Core Cortex-A53 + 2.1 GHz Quad-Core Cortex-A57, Exynos 7420
GPU: Mali-T760
ConnectivityBluetooth v4.0 with A2DP, LE, apt-X, USB (microUSB v2.0 (MHL 3 TV-out), USB Host), WLAN (Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot), GPRS, EDGE, 3G (HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps), 4G (LTE Cat6 300/50 Mbps)
Display Size5.1 inches (~72.0% screen to body ratio), 1440 x 2560 pixels (~576 ppi pixel density)
Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, gesture, heart rate
Display ColourSuper AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, Multitouch, Corning Gorilla Glass 4, TouchWiz UI, Curved edge screen
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G BandHSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
4G BandLTE
ColorsWhite Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Green Emerald
Entertainment3.5mm audio jack, MP4/DivX/XviD/WMV/H.264/H.263 player, MP3/WAV/eAAC+/FLAC player, SNS integration, YouTube, Google Talk, ANT+ support, Games (built-in + downloadable)
Camera16 MP, 3456 x 4608 pixels, optical image stabilization, autofocus, LED flash, Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, Auto HDR, panorama, Video ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], HDR, dual-video rec.), 2ndry 5 MP, [email protected], dual video call, Auto HDR
Other FeaturesGPS + A-GPS support & GLONASS, Beidou, Wireless charging (Qi-enabled) - market dependent, Google Search, Maps, Gmail, S-Voice natural language commands and dictation, NAno Sim, Smart stay, Smart pause, Smart scroll, Air gestures, OneDrive (115 GB cloud storage), Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic, Photo/video editor, Document viewer, YouTube, Calendar, Fingerprint sensor (PayPal certified), Samsung Pay (Visa, MasterCard certified), Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back panel
Ring TonesDownlaodable, Polyphonic, MP3, WAV
MessagingSMS(threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Mail, IM
PricePrice in Rs: N/A Price in USD: $N/A