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About Zong SMS Packages

Zong was rooted from Pakistan in 2008; a telephony network offers voice and SMS Packages for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Zong introduces daily, weekly, monthly and yearly SMS Packages to its users. Zong telephony network aims to provide its users with the whole digital world around. Zong is considered as a third largest mobile services provider with about 25.6million subscribers, and second largest GSM services provider in Pakistan.

            Zong works from very long to build a strong telephony network around every corner of Pakistan. They invested US 2$billion to cover Pakistan whole infrastructure. Zong always thinks to make their customers extra fast and active all the time. Currently, Zong focuses upon to provide fast network signals in some small villages, are far away from urban areas. Mostly Urban Pakistan regions enjoy non-stop internet services.

            Zong from its evolution seeking to provide something unique, adorable and above all affordable for its customers. Day-by-day Zong brings SMS packages, Internet packages and Call packages to make their customers one step forward from other telephony networks of Pakistan. Being a Zong user, one can enjoy a lot of additional services, packages, and revenues each day, week or month. Currently, Zong offers unlimited SMS and Call packages to amaze its users. Zong offers hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly SMS packages to provide the fastest network with great ease and affordability.
            Zong SMS packages vary in volume, validity, and prices. You can activate Zong SMS package on your network anytime anywhere, based on your need. For example, if you have a large friend circle and chatting continues throughout the day then you need to subscribe for Zong daily SMS package, valid for 24hours contains 500SMS and available in just 3.99Rs. Like this, you can subscribe for Zong weekly SMS package, if you need more than 500SMS and also cannot feel comfortable with the daily subscription option. Here are some Zong SMS packages that make your communication useful by providing fast network signals;

Zong Daily SMS Packages

Zong Prepaid Daily SMS Package

Get 500SMS + 30MBs WhatsApp when subscribing for Zong daily SMS package. Zong offers affordable prepaid daily SMS packages for their prepaid users in just 3.99Rs for 24 hours. Now start chatting non-stop with your friends and family members. Dial *700# and reply with one 1 when status bar is shown on your handset. The offer will automatically have expired at the midnight of that day.

Zong Daily Hello SMS Package

Get non-stop one day SMS access with Zong Hello SMS package. Not only SMS but other incentives like 100 on-net minutes and 50MB Facebook. Stay active, stay connected all the day from 12 am to 12 pm. Offer contains 100SMS along with incentives in just 8Rs. An offer will be reactivated if expired at 12:00 on the next day. To activate Zong daily Hello SMS Package dial *2200*1#. 

Zong Full-Gup SMS Package

Zong introduces full-Gup DAILY SMS package to make your talk with friend unlimited. Get SMS bundle with 75 on-net-minutes along and 30MBs of WhatsApp. Start Gupshup now with Zong fluttering offer. You will get this Zong daily SMS package contains 100SMS a day in just 5Rs. To subscribe for package dial *118*1#. 

Zong Flutter Daily SMS Package

Start fluttering with Zong flutter daily SMS package contains 100SMS and 90 on-net-minutes. Get your dream talk with your friend or partners non-stop from day to night. An offer will be expired after 24 hours from activation. You can get this talk to make your day joyful and pleasant. To activate your Zong flutter daily SMS Package by dialing *369# in just 8Rs.

Zong Daily Sixer Plus SMS package

Zong unrivalled a bumper offer named Zong daily Sixer plus. With this offer, you will get 500SMS with unlimited on-net minutes from 6 pm to 6 am. Start chatting online or off-net SMS packages by activating sixer plus. You can activate this offer by dialing *666# in just 8Rs. Zong sixer plus is an amazing offer for Zong regular subscribers.

Zong Daily Perfect Package

Zong unlimited perfect pack offers you to enjoy non-stop SMS and On-net-minutes. Zong daily perfect package is a super offer in affordable rates for both prepaid and postpaid Zong users. You will get 500SMS, unlimited on-net-minutes, and 40MBs internet when subscribing for Zong daily Perfect package. To activate dial *118*2# and start on-net and off-net chatting.

Zong Daily SMS Package

Zong offers its users to chat non-stop with friends day tonight. Get a convenient and affordable way to start talking. We at Zong network brings comfort and easiness to our customers. You can get 500SMS + WhatsApp MBs while subscribing for Zong daily SMS package. Start on-net and off-net chatting in just 2.50Rs. To subscribe for Zong daily SMS package dial *704#.

Zong Weekly SMS Packages

Zong Prepaid Weekly SMS Package

Zong weekly bundle contains more than enough for you. Get the exclusive Zong weekly SMS package with 1200SMS along with 200MBs WhatsApp, so that you will be connected with friends on-net and off-net also. You can subscribe for this offer if you are a prepaid Zond user. To active Zong prepaid Weekly SMS package dial *702# in just 14Rs + tax. A subscription will have expired after 7days trial, and you will reactivate after seven days. So, hurry up now to start surprising your friends.

Zong Monthly SMS Packages

Zong Prepaid Monthly SMS Package

Get unlimited SMS and MBs if you are a Zong prepaid customer. Zong brings unlimited access for their user to stay active all the time. Zong prepaid Monthly SMS package gave you 500SMS/day and 30MBs/ day for 30 days. The Zong prepaid Monthly SMS package is valid for 30days from the day of activation.  Dial *705# to activate package now and start chatting non-stop. This is all about Zong SMS packages. Now, choose one of them to start unlimited messaging with your customers. Subscription code is mentioned with all of the packages. Being a Zong user, you will get a lot each day, week, month or even hour. Zong aims to make each day full of enjoyment and connectivity. Stay Connect, Stay active all the time with Zong telephony network.