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About Zong Internet Packages

Zong was rooted from Pakistan in 2008; a telephony network offers voice and internet services for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Zong introduces Zong 2G internet package, Zong 3G internet package, Zong 4G internet package and mobile banking services to its users. Zong internet packages network aim to provide its users with the whole digital world around. Zong is considered as a third largest mobile services provider with about 25.6million subscribers, and second largest GSM services provider in Pakistan.
            Zong works from very long to build a strong Zong internet Packages network around every corner of Pakistan. They invested US 2$billion to cover Pakistan whole infrastructure. Zong always thinks to make their customers extra fast and active all the time. Currently, Zong focuses upon to provide its services in some small villages, are far away from urban areas. Mostly Urban regions in Pakistan enjoy non-stop internet services.
            Zong provides microwave links, base stations, and transmission towers to maintain network speed. Zong internet packages telephony network introduces UMTS/HSPA, GSM and LTE technologies currently to praise their customers. 1800MHz network speed of Zong internet packages allows its users to wield non-stop on their handsets. Zong invests $516 million to broaden their spectrum 10MHz 3G LTE and 10MHz 4G LTE to make Zong dominant network provider of the country.
Along with network service provision Zong does a lot for Pakistani Society to make it socially sustainable and developed. Some of the Zong Social movements are as follows;

  • Blood Donor Campaign to spread awareness about blood donation for needy people
  • Memorandum of Understanding movement to provide electricity to small villages of Punjab, Pakistan
  • National Open Polo Championship to honor the Quid-e-Azam Gold Cup
  • Offer scholarship to the engineering and technology students at college and university level
  • Collaborate with UNICEF to fight against polio
  • Start social media campaigns to secure women rights
 Zong wins the award of the fastest growing cellular industry in Pakistan honored by the president of Pakistan. Zong net packages offer many services to facilitate its users like PayMax and Timepay are the services through you can pay bills, deposit and withdraw cash and transfer money with full security to the recipients anywhere in the country. Zong operates an operation with the alliance of Bank of Punjab named  Khidmat card Project to provide below facilities:
  • 1000Rs per month for Brick kiln children
  • 1000Rs for secondary School Girls
  • 1200Rs per month for Disabled Person
 Zong provides its customers with a bundle of facilities both in telephony network and internet services. In Pakistan, Zong net was the first telephony network introduces Zong 4G Packages network service, and now Zong seek to add 5G network speed to the people of Pakistan. Zong claims that they are collectively trying to introduce some more innovative, creative and real ideas to lead the digital world. Zong announces to work with integrity to do the things that are good and helps to promote their efforts regarding telephone services. Imagine your career objectives with Zong 3G packages, Zong 4G internet Packages. Zong telecom industry throughout Pakistan successfully attracts more of the users within a very short span of life. With the launch of Zong 3G packages, Zong 4G internet Packages network, the initial movement is to provide users with the fastest browsing experience and adopt the same lifestyle, quick and active. Zong 4 internet services sights to offer people with 1000 4G sites to 6,000 4G operated Zong sites in Pakistan. 

Zong 2G,3G & 4G Daily/Weekly/Monthly Internet Packages            

Zong offers daily, weekly, monthly or even hourly 2G, 3G and 4G internet packages. All these packages vary in volume, price and validity terms. Zong 3g packages provide its customers with fast network speed. These packages are for both prepaid and postpaid Zong customers. Activate different 2G, 3G and 4G internet packages to stay active all day and night.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Zong Daily Basic 4G Internet Package

Daily Zong net packages will have activated for 24 hours and automatically expired after completion of stated time. Dial *6464# to see the menu on the screen. This 4G internet package will be activated in just 15Rs and contains 100MB internet. Browse all the day, and never tired off.

Zong Twitter Daily Internet Package

Get 20MB of Twitter in just 2Rs including taxes. Now, share your opinion all day and also get aware of others. Dial *6464# to activate daily twitter internet package on your phone. Both prepaid and postpaid customers can subscribe to this. After 24hours extra charges will be applicable if you still continue using twitter non-stop.

Zong 3G Classified Internet Package

Activate Zong classified internet package in just 5Rs and get 50MB internet non-stop for a day. Dial *6464# to avail 50MB Zong internet package for 24 hours. The tax will be inclusive in this offer. Prepaid Zong customers can subscribe for Zong Classified internet packages.

Zong Daily Social Pack

Enjoy non-stop WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter from day to night in just 10Rs inclusive taxes. Activate this offer by dialing *6464# on your handset. The 100MB social pack is enough to use the social accounts the whole day. Continue chatting, video calling and watching video from 7 a.m to 7 p.m non-stop.

Zong Daily Max Internet Package

500MB in just 35Rs is really Max internet package offered by Zong network is exclusively designed to provide you with unlimited browsing time. 500MB internet contains more for the customers. Dial *6464# to get Zong 4G Max internet bundle for 24 hours perpetually.

Zong WhatsApp daily Internet Package

Start unlimited chats, video calls, photo & video sharing through WhatsApp with Zong WhatsApp daily internet package. With this offer, you will get 300MBs in just 15Rs. You can activate this offer again after 24hours. This offer will be automatically expired. To avail this daily on-net SMS bundle dial *6464# and select among the menu showed on your handset.

Zong Daily Classified Internet Package

50MBs internet in just 5Rs to stay active all day. The offer will be valid for 24 hours and will expire itself after completion of 24 hours. Zong daily classified internet package allows you to make calls quickly with the companions out of country non-stop. *6464# is tariff activation code for daily classified internet package and you can check offer status anytime during the day by dialing *102#.

Zong Daily Facebook Internet Package

Enjoy non-stop Facebook with daily Facebook internet pack. This daily Facebook pack is a bumper offer for social insects. This offer contains 50MBs for one day Facebook and worth only 5Rs. You can activate this offer anytime whether day or night for 24hours. After 24hours it will expire automatically. To reactivate dial *6464#. You cannot reactivate offer before 24 hours again.

Zong All-in-one Daily Package

Zong all-in-one portal contains more than one services to spend within 24 hours. With Zong All-in-one daily bundle you will get 40 on-net Mins, 4 off-net Mins and 400SMS and 40MBs internet. A bucket is full of ease worth only 20Rs. Get this All-in-one daily bundle offer by dialing *6464#. Zong net package of daily validity offer is designed for the people who need to stay active all the time. Just subscribe to any of the Daily Zong 3G Internet Package and start browsing or scrolling on social media. In Zong daily offer you can enjoy free WhatsApp for 24 hours, next day again subscribes by dialing *247#.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Zong Weekly Premium Internet Package

Get premium offer by Zong network for 7days and enjoy 700MBs internet in just 70Rs. You can use non-stop google, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and much more you wish for. Zong Weekly premium offer is for daily Zong subscribers. Dial *6464# to see the menu on your mobile screen.

Zong Super Weekly 4G Internet Package

Super-duper offer with Zong networks provides 2GB internet only in just 100Rs. Activate now to browse ceaselessly. Zong Super weekly comes with to provide its users with uncountable MBs internet anywhere they are. Zong 4G internet accesses you every corner. Dial *6464# to select Super Weekly 4G Internet Package on the menu list.

Zong Online Weekly Net Package

The weekly on-net package allows Zong Customers to stay active all day and night. Stay online for 7 days because Zong online Weekly offer brings a huge portal this time. Activate this offer in just 120Rs inclusive all the tax and extra charges. 2500MB internet for a whole week is big enough for a regular consumer. Dial *6464# then a menu bar shows in front of you, select Zong online weekly net package to start browsing.

Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Package

Super weekly plus internet package bundle up 3000MBs internet to give you unlimited internet access. Activate this 3G weekly Internet package by dialing *6464# in just 130Rs. This mega offer opens up to you if you are a regular Zong subscriber. Prepaid and postpaid Zong customers get amazed by this super offer.

Zong All-in-One Weekly Package

All-in-One weekly package of Zong offers 500 on-net Mins, 40 off-net Mins, 500SMS and 500MBs internet. This is a huge bundle offered by Zong telephony network in just 500Rs. Get this All-in-one package to make your week exclusive and enjoyable. Dial *6464#. This is an unparalleled offer to amaze Zong users.

Zong Monthly Basic Internet Package

Get 500MB mega bundle offer for 30 days. Activate this offer to enjoy unlimited browsing time. Zong Monthly Basic internet package contains free SMS also. Dial *6464# to activate basic bundle offer. Zong allows you to talk with your friends and family non-stop.

Zong Monthly Premium 3GB Internet Package

Get this offer right now because this is the limited edition. None of the network offer 3GB internet in just 300Rs. Zong premium Monthly internet package is available on every 2G, 3G and 4G network with fast speed. Dial *6464# to avail monthly premium. And dial *102# to check remaining MBs.

Zong Monthly Premium 10GB Internet Package

This monthly Zong premium enclosed with a hyper offer. Enjoy on-net talks with friends full night with1GB internet along with this you can get 10GB internet data for surfing google, watching videos on YouTube and also get in touch with other social media accounts with this Zong monthly internet package. 1GB free nights data is also an exclusive dimension of this monthly net package. To activate dial *6464# and select monthly premium from the shown status bar. To check remaining MBs dial *102#. You can reactivate this exclusive Zong monthly internet package after 30 days.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Zong Monthly Premium Plus Net Package

Monthly Zong 3G Premium plus net package is currently introduced by Zong telephony network. And speciality of this bundle pack is that it is free from the time limit. You can use it until the end. 20GB internet data in just 1000Rs is available now only on Zong 3G and 4G networks. Enjoy this offer as you wish within a month or after ever. To enjoy Zong monthly premium plus dial *6464# and get the offer within seconds into your handset.

Zong All-in-One Monthly Package

In the monthly pack, Zong offers unlimited benefits for its users. Go with Zong All-in-One monthly pack to reduce hectic of daily messaging and calling on balance. Once activate this offer, you will easily enjoy 30 days by making calls, off-net SMS and using the internet also. This bundle contains 1500 on-net minutes, 150 of-net minutes, 1500 SMS and above all 1500MB internet. Everyone is looking for such a teemed bundle offer. You can get this offer on your handset by dialing *6464# in just 1500Rs. Subscribe now to make your month full of searches and internet visits.

Zong Good Night Offer

Zong brings Good Night offer to make your nights worth with friends. Zong Good Night offer will be activated from 1 am to 9 am. Activate Zong Good night offer to make your nights active with non-stop chats and calls. To avail, Zong Good Night offers compose and send it to 6464.

Zong Day Time 3G Internet Offer

1GB internet worth 12Rs. daytime offer valid for both prepaid and postpaid Zong customers. Zong daytime offer allows Zong users to use internet from 4 am to 4 pm non-stop. Get ready to make unlimited messages and internet searches. To activate Zong daytime 3G internet package compose and send it to 6464.

These are the Zong 2G,3G, AND 4G daily, weekly and monthly internet packages. Choose one among that suits your needs an also that will be according to your worth. Activate one of these and start surfing right now.