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About Zong Calls Packages

Zong serves with its telephone services since long, and always seek to provide quality results in communication purposes especially. Zong introduces Zong Call Package, SMS, and internet services from 2008, and succeed to attract more customers than other telephony networks in Pakistan. Zong became Pakistan fourth largest cellular service providers within a very short lifespan. Zong aims to make their customers communication fast, clear and affordable. And to meet with this aim, they introduce Zong hourly, daily, weekly and monthly Call packages.
            All the Zong call packages are designed according to the customer's requirements and needs also. Being a Zong user, you can activate for reasonable Call packages anytime anywhere. Zong superfast telephony network allows you to talk clearly among a long distance. Zong spread its tough network sheet throughout Pakistan, and this makes its users use non-stop network services.
            Zong offers Hourly, Daily, Weekly and monthly call packages to make their users connected with each other. You can subscribe for any Zong call package that would be suitable for you. Zong offers unlimited call packages also for both prepaid and postpaid Zong users. Have a look on the Zong Call packages variable in volume, validity, and prices;

Zong Daily Call Packages

Zong Daily Shandaar Offer

Zong daily shandaar bundle allows its users to use unlimited call minutes, dial and receive for 24hours. Get your dream freedom for conducting Calls non-stop. Dial *999# to get unlimited on-net minutes and 50MBs internet in just 8Rs. Zong daily shandaar offers internet MBs to keep you connected on-net also. An offer will be expired after 24hours and can be reactivated again when you are in need.

Zong Daily Unlimited Package

Dial calls non-stop for 24hours. Zong daily unlimited on-net minutes with 1MB internet worth 12Rs. The offer will be valid for 1day and expire at the midnight of the same day. Dial *522# to activate Zond daily Call package on your network. Zong call packages allow its users to stay active all the time and talk non-stop. 

Zong Super Student Call package

Subscribe for Zong super student call package to get unlimited On-net minutes along with 30MB internet for 2hours. Dial your required number and start talking unlimited. Share your routines is no more difficult, subscribe for super student call packages in just 5Rs. To activate dial *5555# and get offer running on your Zong network. Keep remember after 2hours you will be charged with extra charges.

Zong Daily Sixer Plus Call Package

Get unlimited Call minutes with 500SMS bonus plus. This offer makes your day worth and affordable also. This offer will be valid from 6 pm to 6 am non-stop. Dial *666# to start ceaseless talking for 24hours. Zong daily sixer plus call package allows Zong users to meet with their friends online if they are unable to attend in reality. Zong daily sixer plus package worth only 8Rs including some tax.

Zong Non-stop Call package

Zong is a Pakistan four largest telephony network and supports their customers with unlimited network speed access. You will get non-stop talk with your loved ones from 7 pm to 10 pm. You can avail this offer now by dialing *777# within a second. Activation needs 10Rs including taxes. You can activate for Zong non-stop Call package if you are prepaid Zong customers.

Zong Weekly Call Packages

Zong Weekly Unlimited Offer

Zong provides prepaid call packages for the week also. Get unlimited on-net minutes with 150SMS per day. You can dial the call or send SMS to your friends for the full week in just 63Rs. Zong All-in-one weekly call package contains minutes and SMS likewise. Write and send it to 522. Start communicating through SMS or talking for 7days non-stop.

Zong All-in-one Weekly Call package

Both prepaid and postpaid customers can subscribe to this offer. Zong All-in-one package contains a vast portal of services. You will get 500SMS, 40 off-net minutes, 500SMS and 500Mbs while going with All-in-one weekly call package. Through this package, you will get unlimited on-net and off-net access. Dial *6464# to activate this package on Zong network in just 95Rs.

Zong Monthly Call Packages

Zong Monthly Supreme Call Package

Zong monthly supreme call package is a bucket of prizes for regular Zong regular subscribers. You will never get any exclusive Zong offer before like this. Activate for Zong Monthly supreme call package to get 3000 on-net minutes, 300 off-net-minutes, 3000SMS and 3000MBs for 30days. Use this bucket to make your whole month pleasant and joyful. Dial *3030# to activate monthly supreme call package on your Zong network.

Zong Shandaar Mahana Call package

Get the exclusive big deal in Shandar Mahana call package by Zong telephony network. You will get 1000on-net minute, 1000SMS, 100 off-net minutes and 1000MBs with Zong Shandar Mahan Call package. A bucket full of incentives is now in your hands. This offer is only valid for Zong prepaid customers. Dial *1000# and get Shandar Mahana call package activated on your phone. You can avail this offer in just 300Rs. An offer will be reactivated after 30days from the date of activation.

Zong All-in-One Monthly 500 Call Package

All-in-one monthly Zong call package contains 1500 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 1500SMS and 1500 MB internet. A huge bundle of communication tools is here now. Not only this but a lots more you will get being a Zong prepaid subscriber. You can activate this offer on your Zong telephony network by dialing *6464#>4>2 for 30 days non-stop. The zong All-in-one, monthly call package worth only 500Rs including all the tax.

Zond to Zong Unlimited Minutes

Despite other Zong call packages, Zong telephony network introduces Zong-to-Zong starter, value and gold packages to provide Zong partners with the great sense of connectivity. Zong-to-Zong unlimited Call minutes allows Zong partners to stay active all day, week and month nonstop. Get your Zong-to-Zong package now and start non-stop talking with your partner. The starter pack of this offer contains 1000SMS, 50Minutes other networks, 2,500MBs internet in just 500Rs for 30days non-stop. Dial *1313# to subscribe for the Monthly power pack.  

This was all describes Zong Call packages. You will activate one among them that suits your pocket and fulfil timely needs.