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Day-by-day Pakistan is going to be an open pace digital world through developed communication terminals. Cellular Telephonic companies were performing as a backbone in this sustainable developmental process. Now, everyone wants to be closer to each other, using developed technological services. Ufone works to empower their customers with the most effective communication modes to shorten distances. Ufone succeeded in distracting 24 million users within less than a decade. Ufone has 10,000 vast location networks in more than 160 countries and possesses 288 live operators.            Ufone promises its customers to look ahead with the developing and rapidly evolving technologies. To embrace Ufone customers with the highly developed pace, Ufone designs upgrades, PTML services, SMS packages and a lot more than a simple voice call. Ufone understands the important words of their clients and patches up with the need of time.            They offer the cheapest Ufone SMS packages for a day, week, month or even for a year. Ufone SMS packages worth more for Ufone prepaid customers. Ufone is all about you, so you can activate any of the Ufone SMS packages to stay connected. Here are few daily, weekly, nightly, monthly and yearly SMS packages;

Ufone Daily SMS Package

Ufone daily SMS package contains 1500 SMS and valid for only 24hours. You can activate Ufone daily SMS package on your Ufone network and stay the connected full day with your Ufone partner. You can enable this 1500SMS bundle by dialing 605 in just 3.99Rs. Send and receive unlimited messages for 24hours non-stop.

Ufone Uth Daily SMS Package

Activate your Uth daily SMS package to stay active with your Ufone partner whole day. You can activate this daily SMS bundle in just 1.99Rs. Ufone cares for its customers, and seek to serve them as affordable as they can. Ufone daily SMS package contains the volume of 600SMS and valid for 6 am ??????€? 6 pm. Activate now by dialing 612.

Ufone Daily On-net SMS Package

Get on-net Ufone 500SMS package in just 2.99Rs. Now enjoy SMS unlimited use for the whole day without any network restriction. Ufone SMS packages are easily affordable for everyone. You can quickly activate on your Ufone network within a second. Enjoy Ufone SMS packages from morning to evening non-stop.

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages

Ufone customers now enjoy unlimited SMS for 7days non-stop. Text day to night anytime anywhere boundless from network type. Dial 608 to get 1,200SMS for the whole week in just 10Rs. Enjoy mega SMS bundle ceaselessly if you are a regular Ufone subscriber. Ufone always struggle to bring the best to their customers. Activate now to enjoy non-stop SMS connection.

Ufone Monthly SMS Packages

Ufone Monthly Unlimited Package

Both prepaid and postpaid customers of Ufone can get this offer now by dialing 607. Enjoy texting to any network for 30days in just 80Rs. This monthly unlimited SMS package contains 2,000SMS limit you can send from morning to evening non-stop. Ufone Monthly internet package allows its subscribers to stay perpetually connected.

Ufone Monthly Uth FnF Package

If you are a regular Uth package customer, get enrolled with FnF SMS package. This Monthly Uth FnF SMS package offers unlimited SMS for 30days. Send unlimited SMS to your friends, family, and others regularly for 30 days in just 5.99Rs. Such a Cheap SMS offer is not available at any other telephony network of Pakistan. Dial 604 to start teasing your friends.

Ufone Monthly Unlimited Package

Subscribe to get unlimited SMS for 30 days. Monthly SMS package of Ufone contains 21,000 SMS to start chatting non-stop. You can activate the Monthly Unlimited Package in just 95.6Rs and use for complete 30days. Write ??????“SUB??????‌ and send it to the 607.

Ufone Yearly SMS Package

Get limitless Ufone SMS packages for 365days and start clear communication with your loved ones constantly. Ufone tackle to provide ease for their customers not only in call quality but also in the SMS system. Dial 601 to start the yearly trial with Ufone yearly SMS packages. You can activate Ufone SMS package on your network in just 666Rs and also tax will be included.

Ufone 45Days SMS Package

Get 30,000 SMS for 45days. Ufone SMS Package vary in volume and validity. 45 days SMS package will end up after 45 days automatically. 45days SMS package allows its users to send and receive non-stop SMS from any network. You can activate this offer on your Ufone network in just 99Rs including tax. Dial 614 to activate 45days SMS Package now.

Ufone Post-pay Monthly SMS Package

Ufone postpay customers can enjoy 10,000SMS for 30days. Activate Ufone monthly SMS package if you are a postpaid Ufone user. This package will be activated in just 150Rs including tax. Send SMS to 610 if you want to subscribe for Postpay monthly SMS package. Ufone offers SMS bundles to both prepaid and postpaid customers because they are committed to provide quality communication services for all the user.

Ufone Night SMS Package

Along with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly SMS package Ufone also introduce night SMS bundles for their regular subscribers. You can send unlimited SMS to from 12am to 8am non-stop. SMS package contains 300SMS and would be activated in just 1Rs an including tax. Dial 609 and start chatting with your partner. Ufone night SMS Package is valid to send SMS on all the telephony networks of Pakistan. These are the Ufone SMS packages offered by the Ufone telephony (fourth largest) telephony network. Choose one of the among to make your day, night, month or even years???????? worth. Choose one from the above and subscribe, write ??????“SUB??????‌ and send it to the mentioned code with each package. And if you want to Unsubscribe simply write ??????“UnSUB??????‌ and send it to the mentioned code. To check SMS status, send empty SMS to 606. Keep remember, while subscribing for a SMS package mentioned above that if you are still using package, after completion date, this may cause additional charges. For example, if you subscribe for daily SMS package, and after 24 hours you are still sending unlimited messages, that????????s means now you are in balance mode.