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About Ufone Internet Packages

 Ufone is Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) founded in 2001 under the brand name of Since 2001 Ufone does a lot for their customers to make them happy every time. Ufone is entirely owned by Pakistani cellular industry. In 2006 Ufone became an active part of Emirates through telecommunicate Corporative batch. Ufone is a third telephony network under Pakistani technological world. Head Quarter of Ufone PTCL is located at Islamabad, Pakistan. Initially, Ufone bid for a 5MHz block of 2100MHz in early 2014 in NGMS opening auction.Day-by-day Pakistan is going to be an open pace digital world through developed communication terminals. Cellular Telephonic companies are performing as a backbone in this sustainable developmental process. Now, everyone wants to be closer to each other, using developed technological services. Ufone works to empower their customers with the most effective communication modes to shorten distances. Ufone succeeded in distracting 24 million users within less than a decade. Ufone has 10,000 vast location networks in more than 160 countries and possesses 288 live operators. 

Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) offers numerous affordable and top-quality internet packages. Customers can choose one that seamlessly fits into their needs. All the packages vary in Volume, Prices, Validity and subscription methods. You can activate Ufone net packages for a day, a week and a month            You can subscribe for any of the Ufone 3G or 4G internet packages any time anywhere. Due to unlimited network access, Ufone accesses its services, almost every region of Pakistan. Besides, Ufone internet packages, Ufone offers Smart Cards, Super cards, Ufone debit cards, etc. to avail flawless Ufone internet packages 24/7.  

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

            Ufone offers 2G, 3G and 4G internet packages for 24 hours. Subscribe if you want Ufone internet bundle for one day only. Ufone net package daily limit is available at extra low prices. You can activate this service to enjoy unlimited browsing for 24 hours.

Ufone special Daily 3G Package

Activate Ufone daily 3G internet package for one day only by spending only 5Rs. This service is exclusively designed for those who have less but immediate data browsing need. Ufone Daily internet package contains 50MBs data. To subscribe Ufone daily 3G internet package dial *3461#. 

Ufone Daily Light 3G Package

Ufone Light 3G net package is a super doper portal offer having 40MBs internet with WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook freebies. Now, avail this fantastic Ufone net package by dialing *2256#. You will only have to spend 10Rs to enjoy Ufone daily lite 3G bundle offer.

Ufone Mega Daily 3G/4G Package

Ufone Pakistan offers a Mega daily 4G exclusive package for one day. This is one of the most affordable and enjoyable net package provided by Ufone. Activate Mega Ufone daily 3G/4G package and browse unlimited because now you have 2048MBs to use. Activate this bundle only with 12Rs. Make video calls, use Facebook, Instagram and unlimited social accounts for one day. To subscribe for Ufone Mega daily 4G internet package dial *550#.

Ufone Daily massive 3G Bundle

Ufone daily massive 3G internet package contains 75MBs internet with only 15Rs. Get this exclusive package to enjoy WhatsApp, Twitter, Line, and Facebook utterly free of charge. This is also a portal of social media on-net operator. Dial *2258# to subscribe for Ufone daily massive 3G internet package offered by Ufone Pakistan.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

            Ufone offers weekly internet packages having different validity or volume limit. One can choose according to their browsing demand and activate Ufone 3G/4G internet packages by following instructions

Ufone Weekly Lite 3G Package

Ufone weekly lite 3G package is offered by Ufone telephony networks to meet with customer's weekly internet needs. This offer contains 250MBs internet with only 50Rs. Activate this offer by dialing *7811# and enjoy unlimited data browsing for a whole week.

Ufone Weekly Heavy 3G/4G Package

Ufone PTCL offers 3G/4G coverage for every of the Pakistani citizen. Ufone weekly heavy 3G/4G package offers 500MBs with only 125Rs. Avail this offer to enjoy unlimited browsing access for seven days and dial *220# to activate it now. This service is valid for all prepaid Ufone customers.

Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer

Enjoy Ufone Pakistan weekly internet package only within 100Rs and get 700 on-net minutes with 100MBs internet. Make unlimited on-net calls by availing this offer. To activate Ufone weekly Pakistan offer dial *8888#.

Ufone Weekly Super Internet 1GB Package

 Get 1224MB internet only with 100Rs for seven days. Ufone Pakistan offers this amazing offer for Ufone prepaid users. You can enjoy unlimited browsing week with Ufone weekly Internet 3G/4G package. To activate this offer dial *220#.

Ufone Weekly Internet Plus Package

Weekly Internet package offers a big deal with affordable rates. By activating weekly internet plus bundle, you will get 3072MBs only with 150Rs. Use these internet MBs for seven days and use non-stop. The offer will be deactivated automatically after seven days. You can reactivate it, just dial *260#.

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone offers monthly 2G, 3G and 4G net packages for their regular and prepaid users. Once activate the monthly net package, then you will only have to browse non-stop for 30 days. Ufone monthly internet packages also vary in volume and pricing.

Ufone Monthly 1GB 3G Package

The upper biggest offer by Ufone Pakistan is now available to enjoy. So, don't let it wait, do it now. Get 1.024GB internet data only with 250Rs including all the taxes and service charges. You can activate this service now on your handset by dialing *7807#. Subscribe if you are a prepaid Ufone customer, it will bring a lot for you.

Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package

Get unlimited on-net minutes and 400MB internet through Ufone monthly package. This Ufone internet package allows its customers to call unlimited and show live status on your social accounts. Activate this Ufone internet package by dialing *8888# with 418Rs.

Ufone Monthly Life Cashback Offer

The life cashback net package offers 1GB data to be alive on social accounts for 30 days without any interruption. Enjoy Ufone cashback net package within 250Rs and enjoy non-stop fun. Make snaps, stories and much more with Ufone cashback offer.

Ufone Monthly 10GB 3G Package

The biggest Ufone monthly deal, 10GB 3G internet package. 10GB is a lot to enjoy for 30 days. So, activate now to browse non-stop and start web surfing. The fast speed 3G Ufone internet package allows its users to search and watch videos and post snaps and anything else they want. Along with 10GB internet data, you can enjoy Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Line utterly free of cost. Activate this monthly package by dialing *5100#.All these daily, weekly and monthly 2G,3G and 4G internet packages are valid for both prepaid and postpaid Ufone customers. Once your activated package ends up additional charges will be applicable, so to avoid extra default charges reactivate your bundle. You can not subscribe to multiple packages by dialing the same code. Use Ufone helpline to get guidance about internet packages. All the Ufone net packages regardless of 2G, 3G and 4G have extra fast coverage speed.  Ufone & Ufone internet packages synchronize with Huawei, promise their customers to provide extra fast GSM network speed. Ufone spread its network channel around every village, city, school, and highways to integrate with each other. Ufone is currently in the contract with Huawei for providing dual density BTS that is highly improved and constructed under the reasonable rates. Ufone evolves their customers smoothly into a 3G network, and now they are striving to introduce 4G and 5G network services.Ufone telephony network does a lot to empower its users with the most appropriate communication methods. Now, Ufone is much more than a usual talk. It introduces Ufone 3g packages,2g and 4G internet packages with the most suitable and affordable rates. Ufone offers Pakistans fastest growing 3G network and available for BlackBerry data Roaming with live operators exceeding day-by-day and the current Ufone live operators are 200 across Pakistan.

What Ufone does for its customer

            Ufone promises its customers to look ahead with the developing and rapidly evolving technologies. To embrace Ufone customers with the highly developed pace, Ufone designs upgrades, PTML services, packages and a lot more than a simple voice call. Ufone understands the important words of their clients and patches up with the need of time.
Ufone gives its users the unique API numbers. Through the Ufone network, you can easily connect with websites and any applications in your handset.

Most Trusted Network Service Providers in Pakistan

Despite every achievement, Ufone aims to provide their customers with country best network service. Ufone wants to bring the world into the hands of their customers. In 2016, Ufone wins GSMA global Award. Ufone is the most trusted cellular service providers in Pakistan. Ufone committed to being a user-centric network service provider. Since its nativity, Ufone focuses on quality improvement and engage in fulfilling the customer's expectations  

Responsive Service Provider

Ufone is available 24/7 hours to encourage customer responses. Ufone stands for every nature of a problem and satisfies customer's complaints as quickly as possible. Ufone promises to provide, regular quality services. According to 2009 Telecom consumer protection regulations, the customer support policies amended time to time. Current consumer-responsive services include; ??         300 customer helpline centres working for immediate complaint response??         You can also submit written complaints by??         Send an email at customercare@ufone.com??         Post your request to PO BOX # 3333??         FAX us via 111-333-900??         Call Ufone help centre by dialing 333Ufone Customer help centre works efficiently and productively to follow up with customers complaints.

Secure and Safe Telephony Network

            Ufone cares about your personal information and never sell it to any third party. If you are going with Ufone networks, feel secure and safe at all times. Ufone takes extra measures to secure its customers from any of the unconditional insecurities. If any of the Ufone customers face any danger, like if your phone was snatched or your loss your SIM card, no worries. Ufone telephony network provides full customer support. Ufone will block SIM number upon customers request or reissue after the SIM recovery. But if you want to block or Un-block your SIM from head office provide Ufone head office with the following information;??         Holder Name??         Father Name??         CNIC Number??         Date and time of the last recharge??         AddressOnce your U-number recovers successfully Ufone customer support informs you as soon as possible. Because a SIM would only remain inactive for 180 days, after this time a Ufone customer get an immediate activation notice. So, you can reactivate and enjoy U-services. Ufone customers have complete control over their connections (activation or deactivation). A Ufone subscriber has a lot of things to choose one that seamlessly fits into their needs. A Ufone customer has several on-net and off-net packages, SMS packages, 2G, 3G and 4G internet packages, tariff plans and much more.

Ufone Call Services

Ufone Call services serve Ufone customers with 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year. Ufone customers dial call by spending very minimum call charges and enjoy high-quality communication bonding. Sometimes due to unusual conditions if the network is not responding, Ufone's staff at call houses, work very effectively to response customer's and told them about the problem.Ufone is a licensed telephony network in quality network provision. Ufone provides all the services under productive laws of Pakistan.

Best Voice Quality

Ufone does everything for U. Ufone makes a record to stand up with those who are doing extraordinary things and helps to bring you before the world's eye.Ufone also wins number 1 Add reward having the best Advertising efforts among Pakistani Advertising society. In 2015, Ufone won PAS Award for best voice quality, out of 18 entries from all the Pakistan's telephonic networks.


Ufone emerges into the rapidly growing technology and introduces new technologies day-by-day. A complete mobile financial service portal is one of the boosting technology introduces by Ufone. Ufone designs this essential feature to provide customers ease with money transfer and bill payments. This launch makes Ufone the most significant innovative telecommunication sector of the country.