Ufone Calls Packages

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About Ufone Calls Packages

Ufone promises its customers to look ahead with the developing and rapidly evolving technologies. To embrace Ufone customers with the highly developed pace, Ufone designs upgrades, PTML services, packages and a lot more than a simple voice call. Ufone understands the important words of their clients and patches up with the need of time. Ufone gives its users the unique API numbers. Through Ufone network you can quickly talk with your loved ones anywhere they are. Ufone provides their Call services 24hours a day and 365 days a year. At Ufone understand the importance of words, and thus they provide effective communication strategies for their customers. Ufone offers affordable and adorable call packages for their regular customers, to talk with your partner all the time. Ufone telephony network offers Ufone Call packages for their customers to make their routines connected with their loved ones. Ufone brings hourly, daily, weekly or monthly Call packages. You can easily subscribe for any of the Ufone Call packages because all these packages are easily affordable and comfortable for everyone.

Ufone Daily Call Packages

Ufone 3-pay-3 Daily Call Package

Ufone 3-pay-3 Call package offered by Ufone Pakistan. Ufone offers 120 on-net minutes for 2 hours. Strat was non-stop talking to any network from day to night. You can activate this Ufone daily call package by dialing *343#. Ufone call package is for both prepaid and postpaid customers. You can activate for the daily call package from any commercial cities of Pakistan.

Ufone Power Hour

Power hour Ufone package fill up your hour with the number of services. You can get 60 on-net minutes, 60MBs and 60SMS and use within an hour. Fast network speed Ufone package allows its users to stay active, connected, and talkative at the same time. Dial *99# to subscribe to enjoy Ufone power hour. You can use this package if you are a prepaid Ufone customer in just 6Rs.

Ufone Daily Call Package

Start non-stop talk with for 24hours and never be tired until it ends. Get 86400 on-net minutes; such a big deal never offered before by any of the telephony networks. Subscribe at 12 am and then again on the same time, next day. Dial *5700# to subscribe for Ufone daily call package and share stories with your friends on call. You will get 86400 call minutes in just 8.99Rs. All prepaid and postpaid Ufone customers are eligible for the Ufone daily package.

Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer

Ufone daily Pakistan offer contains 100minutes on-net along with 10MBs internet. You can avail this offer if you are regular Ufone customers in just 18Rs. Subscribe for 24hours and use non-stop, make calls on-net and also you can surf on google for one day. To subscribe for Ufone daily package dial *888# and start cheering.

Ufone Din-Bhar Plus Offer

Get non-stop Din-bar talk with your friends or partners while doing this package. Dial *441*1# to activate Ufone Din-Bhar package and dial call on U to U. This package worth only 2Rs for 24hours. You can reactivate this offer again after it expired. Get unlimited minutes to talk freely again and again.

Ufone Super Recharge Package

Get a portal full of services. Ufone telephony network provides a gateway full of services including on-net minutes, off-net minutes, MBs and much more. Subscribe for Ufone daily package in just 45Rs. While going with Ufone Super recharge package, you will get 300 on-net minutes, 300SMS, ten off-net-minutes and 100MBs internet. Dial *300# and validity for the Package is you must be a prepaid customer of Ufone network.

Ufone Asli Chappar Pharma Offer

Ufone brings Chppar phar offer for its subscribers to amaze them with All-in-one services. You can get 100 on-net minutes, 100 SMS and 1000MBs internet in just 80Rs. Go and activate for Ufone daily Asli chappar phar offer if you want to enjoy 24hours non-stop. Dial *5050# to get chopper phar offer in your hands. The offer is valid for all prepaid customers; additional charges will be applicable.

Ufone Weekly Call Packages

Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer

Ufone Weekly Pakistan offer contains the volume of 700 minutes and 100MBs and worth only 100Rs. You will enjoy non-stop talk with your friends and family for 7days. Dial *8888# to subscribe for Ufone weekly package, this package is worth for Ufone users. You can make dial any network when using this weekly package. Let your friends know that you are limitless.

Ufone Super Mini Card offer

Ufone Pakistan telephony network offers a huge number of services like 500 on-net minutes, 500SMS, 75 off-net minutes and 300MBs and much more with the supermini card. You can avail this offer in just 299Rs. Activate Ufone monthly mini card on your Ufone number and start chasing for 30days non-stop. You can also get this offer through U-load but only if you are a prepaid Ufone subscriber.

Ufone Monthly Call Packages

Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package

Ufone Pakistan????????s superfast telephone network works for their customers since long and somehow succeeded to serve their customers. Ufone Monthly package offers 4000 on-net minutes and 400MBs internet for 1month. Dial calls to any of the telephony networks and starts talking non-stop. This offers worth more for you if you are a regular U customer. Ufone is all about you and all for you. Dial *8888# to activate Ufone monthly package on Ufone SIM. This offer will be activated in just 418Rs with applicable taxes.

Ufone Super Call Offer

Make U to U calls unlimited from day to night non-stop. You can stay in voice touch with your loved ones through this Ufone super call offer in just 3.89Rs. This offer is worthy and easily affordable for everyone who wants to talk nonstop. Get your daily talk bundle now. To activate this Ufone super call offer dial *45#. Ufone offers following Call packages for its both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. You can choose one that suits your needs and also easily fits into the pocket. An activation code is mentioned in each package. Ufone always comes up with new services for their users and this time they also offer a package to make you call non-expensive ever.