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About Telenor SMS Packages

Telenor is Pakistan?€™s best telephony network launched in 2005, by investing 3.5 billion USD to provide new services to their customers. Telenor works as Pakistani network to connect their users with a vide fast range networks. The head office of Telenor located in Islamabad as ?€?345 Telenor network?€™. Now Telenor serves 43 million customers and cover 80% of total Pakistan?€™s population. Telenor telephony network aims to make Pakistani society a fully featured digital world to facilitate its citizens with digital penetration into their daily life. Telenor helps a lot to maintain sustainable development under Pakistani society. Fast speed network availability, Floods and emergency awareness alerts through SMS. In the today?€™s developing world, communication is utterly necessary to stay connected with your loved ones everywhere you want. Along with quality, Telenor equally cares about the worth of its users. Being a Telenor daily subscriber you will get Telenor SMS packages with affordable ranges ranging from Rs.1 to Rs.1000.  Telenor SMS packages helpful for you if you have a vast social network or equally if you want to stay connected every time, choose among Telenor daily, weekly and monthly SMS packages and activate it to enjoy non-stop chatting.

Telenor Daily SMS Packages

Telenor Daily SMS Package

Telenor offers daily SMS for non-stop connectivity with friends for 24hours. You will get 240SMS for 1day in just 4Rs. Telenor daily SMS package is for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. You will get this offer if you are in need of immediate connection. Dial *345*116# to get non-stop chatting for one day.

Telenor 100 Minutes Mini Budget Package

Telenor launches its mini budget packages to fulfill its customers?€™ requirements and worth also. Now with a very low balance you can activate Telenor packages. Telenor daily packages now you can see in a new version. Not only mini SMS but Calls also. You can get 100 on-net minutes and 300SMS to all networks in just 18Rs. Telenor 100minutes Mini Budget package is worth enjoying because you can activate it anytime at day or night and it will have expired after 24hours. Dial *050# to activate Telenor daily package on your Telenor network.

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

Telenor Weekly SMS Package

Telenor brings SMS bundle for its subscribers for 7days. You can get 1200SMS for its users in just 7days. Enjoy non-stop SMS service and stay connected for 7days nonstop. You will get this service if you are a prepaid Telenor subscriber. Activate it if you are really want to stay connected with your partner for whole week. Dial *2*2*# to activate Telenor weekly SMS package.

Telenor 5Day SMS Package

Get this Telenor SMS Package for 5days in just 7Rs. Telenor allows its users to stay connected all the time day-night non-stop. Telenor brings a lot for users to make their days?€™ worth and memorable. Get 300SMS for 5Days to get in contact with your friends and family non-stop. Telenor 5day SMS package can be activated in 7Rs by dialing *345*015# to your Telenor telephony network.

Telenor dijuice Weekly Messaging Bundle

Telenor dijuice weekly SMS package brings more than just an SMS bundle. Telenor always create ease for its users to enjoy their mobile time always. Get 1200SMS with 100MBs internet for 7days non-stop. You will be valid user for Telenor dijuce weekly SMS package if you a prepaid user and regular always. Dial *2*2*2# to activate bundle package on your Telenor network.

Telenor 15Day SMS Package

Get non-stop 600SMS to be connect with your friends all the time. This package brings number of incentives for you. If you do not like to subscribe for daily SMS, go and subscribe for Telenor 15Day SMS Package at once. You can subscribe by dialing *345*112# in just 14.50. Now enjoy non-stop Telenor SMS package and stay connected with friends and family.

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages

Telenor 3Day All-in-one Offer

Telenor always thinks for something new and unique for their customers. Being a Telenor prepaid customer you will get a lot. This time Telenor comes up with a huge incentive bucket. You will get 150 on-net-minutes, 15 off-net-minute, 150 free SMS to all networks and 150MBs of internet. Dial *345*210# to activate Telenor SMS package on your Telenor network. Subscribe in just 30Rs and start chasing non-stop.

Telenor 3Day Djuice On-net Offer

Telenor wants to make their customers connection fast and furious. Through this 3day on-net offer you can stay active and dial unlimited calls to your loved ones. Get 250 on-net-minutes, 150MBs and 500SMS to all networks. Send messages and dial calls for 3days non-stop. You can activate Telenor SMS package in just 30Rs, just activate and start enjoying with unlimited SMS, on-net minutes and MBs.

Telenor EasyCard Weekly Package

Telenor EasyCard is an advance way launched to amaze their customers?€™. You can get number of incentives when gong with Telenor EasyCard weekly package. This Telenor service surely make your week worth. Get 500 on-net-minutes, 50 off-net-minutes, 500SMS to all networks and 750MB internet data to enjoy for whole week and stay connected through messages and calls. Ask to retailer for easyCard subscription on your Telenor network. Offer will be expired after a week from the day of activation automatically.

Telenor Monthly SMS Package

Telenor also brings monthly SMS packages for those who do not like to subscribe daily or weekly. Telenor customers now subscribe for 30days to stay connected with their friends and family. Telenor Monthly SMS Package contains 6000SMS valid for 30days. Dial *345*363# to subscribe for 1month non-stop use. Offer will be expired after 30 days from the day of subscription automatically.

Telenor Monthly Rakhwala Package

Telenor monthly SMS package cares about your calls, SMS and MBs at once. Being a Telenor regular customer?€™ you will get much more then you expect. Dial *345*30# to get 3000 on-net-minutes, 3000 SMS for all networks, and 300MBs. Get this offer in just 418Rs and start calling, texting, snapping and many more. You can activate this offer if you really want to make your month full of masti and enjoyment. Offer will be valid for 30 days and its been expired after 30 days from day of subscription automatically.