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About Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor is Pakistan????????s best telephony network launched in 2005, by investing 3.5 billion USD to provide new services to their customers. Telenor works as Pakistani network to connect their users with a vide high-speed range networks. The head office of Telenor located in Islamabad as ???????345 Telenor network????????. Now Telenor serves 43 million customers and covers 80% of total Pakistan????????s population.Telenor telephony network aims to make Pakistani society a fully featured digital world to facilitate its citizens with digital penetration into their daily life. Telenor helps a lot to maintain sustainable development under Pakistani society. Digital learning, secure internet availability, Floods and emergency awareness alerts, and the most initiative and a cooperative project is Internet School outreach program that helps to teach digital learning initiatives in various districts of Pakistan.In the today????????s developing world, communication is utterly necessary to stay connected with your loved ones everywhere you want. To make everyone advanced and digitalize Telenor introduces fastest growing 4G internet mobile network in Pakistan. Telenor aims to reach the highest network building company in the country. To cover maximum remote areas, Telenor introduced 4G internet in Pakistan in 2016 and became the third largest telephony internet operators. Telenor provides LTE internet services initially in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Swat, and Sialkot. Initially, Telenor 3G package and Telenor 4G LTE network services spread across the country through 3,000 LTE cell sites. Karachi and Islamabad are the most commercial areas of Pakistan that????????s why the LTE coverage is conducted through FDD-LTE and Band-5 to Band-3. Telenor provides LTE internet services through 289 franchises across the country. From 2017, due to the high demand of Telenor 4G internet, Telenor start reframing its 1800MHz spectrum for 4G LTE purposes. 900MHz frequency is provided through Telenor 2G internet services, 850MHz spectrum range is designed for Telenor 3G internet services provision, and 1800MHz Spectrum frequency used to operate Telenor 4G internet services throughout the country. Being a Telenor 4G internet users, you can now access any internet services through fast speed GPRS by using your mobile or PC. Telenor internet packages, currently launched allows Telenor users to enjoy web surfing non-stop and also helps to be connected every time anywhere. Due to Telenor????????s fastest EDGE and GPRS network speed, Telenor succeeds to inaugurate 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE services across the country and this vision are accomplished through the provision of 2G, 3G and 4G internet packages with affordable rates. Along with quality, Telenor equally cares about the worth of its users. Being a Telenor daily subscriber, you will get Telenor net packages with affordable ranges ranging from Rs.1 to Rs.1000.  Telenor internet packages helpful for you if you have a vast social network or equally if you want to stay connected every time, choose among Telenor 2G, 3G or 4G LTE internet packages and activate it to enjoy non-stop internet data.Telenor internet was proud to be the largest network of Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas. Telenor internet spread its network into the areas where other telephony networks of Pakistan cannot proceed. Telenor launches its In-flight mobile services among onboard International flights. Through this move Telenor got global coverage for its subscribers can easily stay connected at home or business wherever they are, on land, underwater or in the air.   

Telenor Internet Packages

             Telenor is the second large company in Pakistan who thinks to broaden up communication standard and to make Pakistani society a digitally developed ecosystem. Telenor offers various Telenor 2G package, Telenor 3g package, and Telenor 4g packages. You can avail one of your favorite internet packages to continue your communication. All the Telenor net packages for prepaid and postpaid customers. You can anytime subscribe for a package that suits your needs and worth also.

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Telenor Daily Social Pack

A social pack is one of the cheapest among Telenor net packages. Telenor social pack offers full day WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter services only with 1.Rs. You will get 50MB for one day by dialing *311#.  These services are applicable for all Telenor prepaid users. An offer will automatically have expired after completing lifespan.

Raat-Din Offer Telenor Daily Internet Package

From 12 am ??????€? 12 pm enjoy 1.2GB internet data non-stop. You are free to make calls, video chat, making snaps, post stories, stay life and much more for continually 12hours. Activate this offer now in just 15Rs.  You are now in a stream of Telenor net package so get an advantage as you can. Dial *150# to get this Telenor internet package within a second.

Telenor Hourly Internet Video Bundle

Telenor 4G Video bundle allows you to watch unlimited video on YouTube, Facebook and enjoy. You can get this offer by dialing *60# with only 8.Rs. You can enjoy this amazing service for an hour and reactivate if expired. Both prepaid and postpaid Telenor users can subscribe to the offer.  

Telenor 4G Daily Interne Lite Bundle

Telenor 4G lite bundle brings a lot only with 12Rs. Fast speed and reasonable rates allow you to keep the whole online day. To activate Telenor 50MB lite bundle dial *12#.  

4G Daily Unlimited Internet Bundle

From 1 AM ??????€? 7 PM enjoy the unlimited 4G internet. Telenor net packages allow you to enjoy internet within a suitable price range and offers bundle pack services. To avail this 4G bundle dial *10# only with 16Rs.

4G 3day Internet Bundle

Stay in touch with your social circle is not a very big deal if you are going with Telenor 4G 3day internet bundle. You can get 200MB internet MBs along with 200 free Facebook MBs. To avail Telenor internet package dial *32# only with 42Rs. The offer will be automatically expired after 3days and if you again in need activate anytime to enjoy mega bundle in small prices.

Dhamal Weekly Telenor 4G Internet Package

Get 2000MBs internet data to enjoy Dhamal internet searches for 7days right now. You can now as a Telenor user use internet flawlessly in just 85Rs. For the whole week. Offer is available in large commercial areas of Pakistan. Dial *812# to activate offer now on your handset.

Super Dhamal Weekly Telenor Internet Package

5000MBs internet data is a super duper offer launched for regular Telenor subscribers. Dhamal Weekly Telenor package allows Telenor users to use non-stop web surf and enjoy social accounts live appearance. For 7days you are free to browse all day or night. The dhamal offer contains 5000MBs internet data in just 150Rs. Dial *946# to avail this service on Telenor????????s 2G,3G, and 4G networks.

Telenor 3G Weekly WhatsApp Package

Telenor offers 100MB WhatsApp for 7days. You can send messages, images or videos to your friends and family and also make calls non-stop. Get this offer in just 5Rs for 7days. Dial *345*981# to activate on your Telenor 2G,3G and 4G network. Offer will be deactivate after 7days from the day of activation.

Telenor Weekly Internet All-in-One Plus Offer

Get huge offers to bundle with Telenor weekly internet bundle. All-in-one weekly plus contains 150 Telenor minutes, Rs.50 for calls and SMS to all networks and 3,500MBs internet for 7days non-stop. Start your week with All-in-One Telenor weekly internet package. You can get this weekly plus in just 160Rs. This a really exclusive offer for Telenor regular users. Dial *345*88# to get 2G, 3G and 4G internet access for 7-days.

Telenor Weekly Internet All-in-One Package

Spend only 100Rs. to make unlimited calls and send SMS to all networks of Pakistan. Along with calls and messages, Weekly All-in-one bucket contains 1,500MBs internet to browse google for 7days. Telenor Weekly internet package is valid for all prepaid and postpaid users. Dial *345*75# for the activation.  

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages


Telenor 4G Weekly Internet Package

750MBs mobile data in just 75PKR. Get this package now to amaze with unlimited on-net calls and SMS. Video calls, data search, twitter, Facebook and much more for the full week. The package will itself expired after 7days and you can reactivate it again. 

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor 4G Monthly Starter Bundle Offer

Go with Telenor Monthly starter and never tired up using the internet. Telenor 4G internet starter Bundle offers a huge internet Bundle pack contains 4000MBs can be used anytime, anywhere and 4000MBs internet (1AM ??????€? 7AM) flawlessly. Telenor 4G internet packages allows its users to surf on Google without loading tab shown. Fast speed Telenor net monthly package would be activated in just 250Rs. Service will be available in almost every commercial area for 30days. Dial *302# if you want to enjoy unlimited internet surfing for the full month.

Telenor 4G Monthly Internet Package

Telenor 4G Monthly internet package worth 500PKR having volume 9,000MBs internet. You cannot consume complete internet bundle within a month. You can enjoy unlimited internet browsing for one month in affordable rates for each. Dial *303# to activate monthly internet package on Telenor 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

4G Monthly Plus Internet Bundle

4G internet package contains 10,000MBs internet for Telenor regular users. Subscribe now to get such an unbound offer. You can use these 10, 000 MBs in a number of ways almost as everything you want. Every time Telenor comes up with exclusive offers to amaze their customers with the best they deserve. Fast speed Telenor 4G Monthly internet plus package, you can activate in just 750Rs and use for 30 days non-stop. Monthly internet package can be accessed by everyone living in commercial areas of Pakistan. Dial *345*136# to avail this amazing offer now.

Telenor Monthly Data Offer

Get exclusively data offer 30days now for Telenor????????s prepaid and postpaid users. Monthly data offer contains 2000MB internet for unlimited browsing plus 1000MBs internet for WhatsApp/Goonj/GameBox. Activate if you want to share unlimited videos and also want to chat on WhatsApp non-stop. Activation need only 170Rs for ceaseless use. Dial *301# to avail this package.

Telenor City Offers

Telenor launches its notorious offer, now you can stay in touch with your loved ones through location tracking services.  Select your city and start talking with friends and family.

These all are the Telenor daily, weekly, or monthly offers. You can choose one that suits to your needs and also the one that is affordable for you. Telenor LTE allows its users to stay in touch with their loved one????????s every time, everywhere. All the mentioned prices are with inclusive taxes. If you are still using the internet after the end date, then you will may be under some additional charges. Every package is able to reactivate after the limit mentioned.