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About Jazz Calls Packages

Jazz one of the leading telephony networks of Pakistan operates since and succeed to attract more the 50 million people in Pakistan in just 20 years. Jazz since their evolution integrates with quality and customer satisfaction. Jazz is an unparalleled cellular service provided in Pakistan according to a current survey. People use jazz telephony network because of its vast spectrum data roaming speed and fast speed network connection.
Jazz offers unlimited Jazz Call packages on the daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can get any of the call package to stay active and alive. Jazz call packages are easily affordable and also enjoyable for every user. Jazz offers call packages both for prepaid and postpaid jazz subscribers.Choose one and start chasing for your decided limit or need. Mobilink call packages enable you to make all networks, for all its users on variable rates and validity would be different for each.

Jazz Daily Call Packages

Jazz Super Call Bundle

Jazz brings unlimited calls for its users through Jazz super call bundle. You can get this offer by dialing *212# in just 14Rs inclusive all the taxes. Jazz super bundle offer allows its users to dial non-stop calls for its regular subscribers. You will get 250 on-net minutes for 24hours. Stay connected all the time with family, friends, and buddies.

Jazz Her Din Bundle

Get unlimited jazz minutes for 24hours non-stop with jazz her din offers. Mobilink comes up with great ease for its customers to enjoy their talks without fear of ending balance. You will enjoy 500 on-net-minutes in just 21.51Rs including all the tax. Jazz brings exclusive bundles with you can stay in a call without any interruption. Dial *114*4# to activate Jazz daily package on your phone.

Jazz 12Gantay Package

Both jazz prepaid and postpaid users can activate for this 12hour bundle package. Jazz 12hour Call package offers 250 on-net minutes. Get this exclusive Jazz call package for 12 am to 12 pm. Dial *281# for Jazz Ghana offer in just 6Rs inclusive all the taxes.

Jazz On-net Day Bundle

Jazz helps their customers more than they expect. Jazz is one of the most responsive cellular service providers. Does jazz possess active customer support by introducing affordable packages according to customers requirement. Jazz on-net day bundle brings unlimited on-net-minutes, 150SMS and 20MBs of the internet. Start ceaseless talk with anyone anywhere you want. You can activate jazz on-net daily Call package by dialing *340# in just 10Rs + tax. The offer will be valid for 24hours and will be deactivated automatically after 24hours.

Jazz Super F&F Call Package

Jazz F & F is a vast portal of incentives along with Call minutes. You will get unlimited calls to any network. Dial calls to your friends and family and shares long stories non-stop for 24hours. Dial *141# for jazz daily super package activation. Jazz offers call packages with multiple ranges but jazz super F & F is unique among all. The offer will be deactivated itself after 24hours. You can reactivate again & again.

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

Jazz Weekly Call Package

Jazz weekly Call package allows its users to dial calls on all the networks. This offers designed to make calls on all networks non-stop. You will get 700Jazz minutes, 700SMS and 70MBs internet, a huge bucket full of incentives offered by jazz telephony network of Pakistan. Dial *700# to activate jazz weekly Call package. Jazz call package is for regular jazz users, get it now to make your week pleasant with non-stop talk. You will get this weekly call package in just 120Rs.

Jazz 3D Call Package

Jazz call packages for 3days allows its users to make calls with 500 on-net minutes from jazz to jazz only. This jazz package allows its users to stay connected with their partners for 3days non-stop. You will get Jazz call package in just 36Rs + taxes. Dial *211# to get Jazz 3D call package for 7days. The offer will be reactivated after 3days again. Both prepaid and postpaid jazz subscribers are valid for this 3Days only and will be expired automatically.

Jazz Hafta War Hybrid Package

Jazz Hafta War jazz package enables you to stay connected all day and night non-stop. Start your weekly trial in just 75Rs and get 700 jazz+Warid minutes, 70MBs and 700SMS. This offer allows you to use this unlimited minutes, MBs and SMS non-stop. Dial *407# to activate Jazz has to War hybrid package on your jazz network. You will be surely amazed when using this jazz weekly Call packages.

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Jazz Monthly All Network Package

Jazz Monthly Call package allows its users to start calling with friends from day to night each day. Jazz monthly package offers 1200 jazz minutes, 1200SMS, 100 off-net minutes and 1GB internet data completely free. This is one of the currently introduced jazz monthly packages, to fulfil customers All-in-one requirements. Dial *7000# to activate Monthly Jazz package on your jazz telephony network in just 380Rs. Dial calls to all systems and starts Gup Shup with your friends.

Monthly Hybrid Bundle

Monthly hybrid designs to offer hybrid services to jazz users. Now being a jazz user start calling and chatting both on-net and off-net available friends. You can get this jazz monthly call package along with a bundle of incentives. The bucket is full with 700 jazz and warid minutes, 70MBs internet and 700SMS for a joyous and breeze month. Dial *430# to start calling non-stop with friends and family in just 370Rs inclusive all taxes.

This was all about Jazz SMS & Call packages. You can get anyone that suits to your needs, for example, some people want to connect immediately with their loved ones or friends for one day then they like to activate Jazz daily SMS or Call package while there are some people feel hectic to activate daily packages, then, in this case, they prefer to go with weekly or monthly packages. Jazz brings everything that makes your life easier and faster evermore.