Why You Should Not Buy Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung galaxy S10
Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung revealed its latest smartphone in last night unpacked event. Although some of the leaks were released before the event, Samsung officially announced if they are formally launching its latest flagship. Here are a few reasons according to which we decided either we have to buy this phone or not in 2019. Here we discuss five reasons why we did not buy Samsung galaxy S10 in 2019.

The Price tag of Samsung galaxy S10:

The smartphone is going into the war nowadays and all the brands in racing with others and in the competition. Samsung and Apple mobiles have regularly followed the prices, while other brands like Xiaomi mobile and OnePlus are providing devices with the same features at a low price.

Samsung S10 Price

Nowadays every big company starts the price tag from $1000 which is in the past few years start from $700. Everyone blames the Apple mobiles for such a high price of a smartphone, but the user also is responsible for higher costs of the smartphone.

One Plus 7 will be released in a few months with the same features of Samsung galaxy S10 and two-thirds of its price. Xiaomi mobile regularly sells their mobiles at a low cost which also a competitive phone. A OnePlus phone is not officially available in all the countries.

 Late in the competition:

Samsung supposed that the first in this competition appears with new features of a smartphone but it not so. Samsung launches their phone with new ideas like the large display, 5G support, foldable phone. Waterproofing phone, small bezel which other follows before the Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is more cathing user phone.  But the features that present in Samsung galaxy S10 already present in previous mobile brands like.

  • One Plus 6T and Huawei mate 20 Pro has already display fingerprint order.
  • Huawei P20 Pro has three camera setup
  • Wireless powersharing is already present in Mate 20 Pro
  • Apple mobile already launched their mobile in the 1000dollar price tag

These all feature is Samsung now introduce in galaxy S10 which already in other mobile brands.

Software update:

When we talk about OnePlus as compared to galaxy S10, which has Android software which is good and best in his speed performance. Samsung mobile now introduces Android Pie in galaxy S10, so it doesn’t seem that this is a new generation smartphone.

The infinity O display annoying than the Notch:

The infinity O display is looking great in Samsung galaxy S10, but it’s not much better. According to the first impression of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + camera holes more in-depth than the small notch. This the main cause for the notification bar taller than the usual.  The OnePlus mobile notch is much better than the Samsung mobile. The Oneplus notch is a better solution.

samsung S10 indisplay fingerprint

In display fingerprint sensor is not so good:

There’s come the point of how it transforms their mobile in a useful feature. So we talk about in display fingerprint sensor it is not true. Because rear mounted, the fingerprint sensor is more reliable and faster than ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

In the future display, the fingerprint is better for the next generation. Samsung introduces a new biometric unlocking feature mechanism if you don’t like this fingerprint sensor than it grows up. Due to all these reasons, Samsung galaxy S10 not buy in 2019.


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