iPhone smaller notches mobile launching in 2020 & All-screen iPhone in 2021

iphone smaller notches

iPhone launching in 2020 would come up with smaller notches, whereas the very first All-screen iPhone is expected to be launched in 2021

As revealed by a renowned analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhones releasing in 2020 will have reduced TrueDepth modules, so minute notches. He explained how the overall size of the notch would get reduced with the smaller front camera sensors.

Furthermore, he added that in future, very first All-screen iPhone might be launched around 2021. Finally, this time, Apple has made advancements in cameras and under-display fingerprint sensors.

Whereas, it has also been heard in reports saying that Apple might introduce an under-display version of Touch ID for an exclusive iPhone, for the Chinese consumers.

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If it turns out to be true somehow so the device price point will be reduced which in turn will it more competitive with Android offerings which are offering the price exactly what Chinese flagship buyers prefer in the CNY 5,000 ($730) range.


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