iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 plus Review, Specs, Comparison & price in Pakistan


It’s time to hear about iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, almost identical to iPhone 7 Plus are introduced with the latest features of new glass and aluminum design released in Pakistan on 2017, September. iPhone is making the review more critical by making slight changes in its upcoming models. As said before iPhone 8 and 8 plus are almost identical to the iPhone 7 plus, which was once almost similar to 6s plus. But there are several features which are upgraded by apple iPhone in this great coming.

Several specs of iPhone 8 and 8 plus

There are several features that are upgraded by iPhone in 8 and 8 plus, it has retina HD displays with advancement in its camera, it consists of single and dual cameras along with the portrait lighting, moreover it consists of A11 Bionic Chip. It is a perfect representation of new generation; its sleek and stylish glass design makes it different and elegant. The glass present on the back is most durable glass ever used in the iPhone.

General specs of apple iPhone 8 and 8 plus

Sim support is nano-sim, weight of the handset is 148g, it has IOS 11 as an operating system, the hone dimensions are 5.45 x 2.65 x 0.29 in. Screen size of the set is 4.7 inches, screen resolution is 750 x 1334 pixels. Along with the internal memory of 64/256 GB and RAM of 2 GB iPhone 8 plus has the hexa-core processors.

What are the major differences between iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 7?

The highest difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 plus is the addition on hexa-core processor, moreover it is blessed with the apple A11 bionic chipset, it supports heavier storage of applications which involves high machine learning.

What are the pros and cons of iPhone 8 plus?

Pros of iPhone 8 plus includes the improved quality which is premium built, in this way it is easily spot able with its all sleek dimensions. Moreover, the display quality is improved, there is a great improvement in the camera, its dual camera has a high selfie sensor, along with the flash lighting. 64 gb of internal storage is guaranteed. Above all there is a great feature of wireless charging which is firs time introduced, battery system is also made better which works for longer period of time.

Apart from these there are several cons of iPhone 8 plus, in which obviously cost of the phone stands at first position, display space is not user friendly, it is 4.7 inches which is not appropriate, at least 5.0 inches is considered a user-friendly display space.

iPhone 8 price in Pakistan

Not falling in the brackets of apple iPhone x price in Pakistan but, still iPhone 8 plus price in Pakistan is considered among the most expensive handsets of the country. The current price of this launch by apple iPhone is Rs. 100,750 PKR. Well apple lovers are always ready to spend on their beloved brands which comes with innovations.

Summing up

Apple iPhone has always been a symbol of luxury and self-Actualization, it doesn’t need introduction but, it speaks volumes about its user. By launching apple iPhone 8 plus, apple has launched the best phone on this entire world. This is said to be the most awaited phone of the year, as before its launch many eyes were on it and it was rated among the highest most searched upcoming phones of the year. Apple is blessed that even with the small differences, it is welcomed warmly by its lovers, they love to spend on it and make it the art of their lives. So, are you an apple lover?



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