Upcoming iPhone 11 Leaks, Price, Release Date & Specs

iphone 11 leaks, price and specs

It has been heard that this time, Apple’s iPhone is going to be all about the camera. It is expected to be released around September 2019; it might have the same design as it had before with just a slightly changed rear camera of square shaped.

This time too, only the new IOS 13 will be an additional update with no as such variation in design apart from the camera bump.

The only thing that is going to change this time would be the three-camera array mounted on the rear side of the phone to get better quality photos and videos.

It might be possible that this time Apple’s iPhone would come up with increased battery life and also they might be adding the reverse wireless charging feature in this phone which will only be possible between Apple to Apple devices.

The launching date of iPhone 11 might get delayed by a week or two as we got to know through a Verizon roadmap leak.

Also, it has been heard that this year, iPhone released would be having a faster processor as compared to the prior ones along with new vibrant and catchy colours.

That is actually going to be a plus point for Apple, as they have already lost enough customers and people have actually stopped buying the newest iPhones except for a few so now their goal should be to lower the price or surprise the world with the most amazing features that’d make it worth buying to gain it’s customers back.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Apple’s next flagship would be the iPhone 11.
  • When is it out? It is expected to be launched around mid-September.
  • What will it cost? Whatever, but that would be lesser than iPhone X which was released last year.

iPhone 11 is expected to be launched on 10th of September, 2019, and this can be predicted by keeping the last year’s iPhone release date in mind.

An also it is expected that Apple will launch three series of iPhone 11 in a row as it did with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR.

Now let’s what Apple has in store for us this time, is it going to be notch less or not? And what other features will they introduce this time?

Design Concept of iPhone 11:

iphone 11 design

Sources have added that iPhone 11 is going to have the same front as the prior series had and the only difference in design we’re going to see in this iPhone 11 will be on the back.

The design which we have got from the sources includes glass finishing on the back and also having three cameras in a centre on the back whereas the front will still have a notch.

Well, there are other rumours too about its design saying it is going to have triple-lens camera in the left corner as this is the same alignment as they had in iPhone XS, so that sounds more right to people.

It has been said that this time they might upgrade the selfie camera from 7MP to 12MP.

Rumours suggest that iPhone XR 2 might come in new colours as white, yellow, black, lavender, red and green, which means that coral and blue colours might be excluded.

Cashkaro and OnLeaks were the one who produced leaked iPhone 11 design and made a video on what iPhone 11 would look like.

This iPhone might look like iPhone XS from the front with just the smaller iPad, and the mute slider on the side would be circular, whereas it has three bumping housing cameras on the back.

Leaks claim that this year’s iPhone 11 will have the screen of 5.8 inches and 143.9 x 71.4 x 7.8mm measure whereas, at the camera bump, it might be 9mm thick.

Moreover, it has also been heard that it might have a frosted glass-like back.

New iPhone 11 display:

Apple iPhone XI display

Talking about its display, iPhone 11 might have a 5.8 inches screen as iPhone XS has, but with the smaller bezels, it will also support 5G, unlike iPhone XS. Suggested from the sources, it might come up with space grey, silver, gold and blue colours. With a USB-C port and 4000 mAH battery.

Also, we have confusion about the size screen of iPhone 11 and Iphone11 Max, as there many rumours suggesting different sizes, so there’s not any authentic news regarding this.

Camera design of iPhone 11

iphone 11 camera

Rumours about having the three cameras are everywhere, and it has also been heard that the camera would be aligned on the left top corner

Through sources, we have heard that there won’t be having optical image stabilization in the third camera but the other two cameras will have that and also their flash will be brighter than it was before, whereas it’s front camera is expected to be upgraded to 10megapixels from 7megapixels where the rear camera might have 14megapixels and 10megapixels lenses.

iPhone XI battery and features

Added by the sources, it’s expected to have improved Face ID.

We have also been hearing that it might have two-way wireless charging feature through which you would be able to use it as a charger for other mobile phones.

Whereas iPhone 11 is expecting to have a 20-25% bigger battery than the prior series.

Release date of Apple iPhone 11

As predicted by TechRadar iPhone 11 would launch on 10th September, 2019 where you can pre-order from 13th September and releasing date will be 20th September, 2019.

iPhone11 price in Pakistan:

iPhone 11’s price in Pakistan is expected to be Rs. 170,000

will it be iPhone 11 or iPhone XI?

It’s quite puzzling for people because None really knows if it’s going to be in Roman or in numbers and also we’re not sure if it’s going to be called iPhone11, XI or what as Apple has already ditched us with the numbers after not releasing any of the iPhone9 series.

So Now let’s see what’s going to happen.

what we want to see in iphone 11

Although the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XS are the complete package and already have everything that one wants to have in their phone, it’s human nature to desire more

So there are the few things that we would like to see upgraded in iPhone 11.

  • No notch (or, at least, a smaller one)
  • A new design
  • Better battery life
  • eSIM only


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