Huawei P20 PRO Review

Huawei P20 PRO

In the age of technology, there are many brands which are presenting their products in the market. In the race of all expensive brands, Huawei presents powerful mobile phones but their cost is too low in comparison to other brand phones. Huawei P20 Pro works so well that it is highly ranked among other well performed mobile phones in the market. It is quite a useful phone as it worked efficiently and the cost is not too much.

Its features are quite impressing as it impresses the buyer to the extent it has the features like iPhone 8 Plus. The work on its camera makes it more versatile phone as it shoots video more enthusiastically. The range of camera phones impresses buyers more as it has an effective feature it contains three cameras on its back one is 40 MP, the second one is of 20 MP black and white one and 3x zoom 8MP camera. This feature makes it more versatile and effective. It has the capacity of capturing the pictures with more accuracy and in slow motion and fastest. You can shoot at 3x without zooming it and get a good result at 5x. The night mode shooting called it a real star as the standard night mode shot at the normal range but dedicated night modes take you to take low light shots against an APS-C DSLR.

Detailed selfie camera has a very high resolution of 24MP and it is reliable face unlocking. This phone is best for the one who is addicted to selfies and like to take a picture at every moment it has the ability to save those memories very well without any disturbance and creating any blurred image. The remaining features of the phone are quietly like all the other phones traditionally performing as like other phone but it has the ability to prove it as a high tech phone in range of expensive phones. In it, we can get Kirin 970 CPU as used earlier in the Huawei Mate 10, 6GB of RAM and 128GB for storage capacity. As it is physically beautiful Huawei P20 Pro presented with its highly reflective glass finish, which makes it more professional in its look and high definition glass protection gives it a unique finish. Its battery is worth important as it has a much larger battery than most of the phones and it works the whole day long without any disturbance. Most of the peoples get annoyed with the battery timing of the phones as they get down very fast when internet used and when a phone is used for browsing purpose. Huawei has clearly tried very hard and with more perfection on the quality of phone to make it look better also with better than other such efficient phones. The result is that it is more interesting phone than Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 plus or higher defined phone of this range. Particularly because of its camera it is highly useful if someone uses it with its function and camera high-end features. Its design is extremely beautiful and it gives amusement to the buyers. It is extremely ‘shiny’ sums up the Huawei P20 Pro’s design best. Gorilla Glass with a filling of metal finishing off its sides these are two plates of rounded glass. The metal used is of aluminum but it is polished rather than most acute finish and looks more like steel. The stainless steel iPhone X though also has the finish of stainless steel but as compare to P20 Pro it is not more durable, on another hand, it will be scratch free as it is more durable than all other phones in the market.

The manageable size of it for a 6.1-inch phone and it’s eye-catching and metal design. The black and blue versions of the Huawei P20 Pro the more eye-catching gradient version, color Purple at the top of the phone turns smoothly into greenish turquoise at the bottom, its finish seems more fit and classy and it seems more than a supercar than a phone.

The Huawei P20 Pro is also subject to fingerprint smudges and the slightly raised camera picks up dust quickly. It seems slimmer and lighter than the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus at just 7.8mm thick. The larger battery makes it more effective and useful among other phones, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is better than it when we talk about its display and about its screen.  It is the first phone of Huawei with the display cut out as it is made famous by the iPhone X. It may be also called as the camera phone as it has speaker and camera on the front of the phone. Its notch is smaller but it works efficiently and with more accuracy. It works as a classy phone and its display makes it even classier. It does not have a headphone jack as we usually see with our phones it is highly in fashion as it is the most unique feature of this phone. A person may get a USB-C to 3.5mm adaptor in a box or may use wireless headphones without pin so it may be useful for these kinds of things. Among all its features it is water resistant to IP67, as it can bear fresh water for almost 30 minutes which is a very interesting feature your phone will not get any damage for letting water in. It has fingerprint sensor which is commonly present in most of the phones as you can get to the home screen in a heartbeat as it is that much fast.

Its face recognition camera is more defined than iPhone X, as Huawei P20 Pro reads the feed from the high-resolution camera and detects your face easily. You do not have to press power button for starting your phone as it has the ability to start detecting your face whenever you picked it to form your pocket you do not have a need to be in front of your camera. It immediately starts scanning your phone. The color looks more original than the real picture as it defines the quality of the sensor.


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