Huawei Ban is still ON. Here’s Why?

huawei ban

Huawei ban could still be on as US government says it’s still blacklisted. Suggested by the sources, it has been heard that Trump might be slackening the Huawei Rank.

Such reports of the extreme confinements of Chinese phone giant suggests that US Huawei ban might not be ending nearly.

According to Reuters, senior officials, at the US Commerce Department told the enforcement team, that Huawei should still be treated as blacklisted staff and US companies will still be dealing strictly with them.

This is what we’ve got although Trump is about to slacken the stance on the Chinese giant at the G20 summit in Japan any time soon.

  • Following the US ban, the ARM will eventually stop working with Huawei
  • In smartphone sales, Apples gets toppled by Huawei
  • Qualcomm lobby and Intel are against Huawei ban

Why Huawei Banned?

Under some proper constraints, U.S companies would get permission to resume selling its products to Huawei from Saturday, As promised by Trump, to the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Trump stated that Huawei could resume buying equipment from US companies where he said that he’s specifically talking about the instruments which involve no as such national emergency issue.

Also, The president said that they’re going to start working again with China exactly from where they left which clearly shows his willingness for Huawei to be a part of the trade talks between China and US.

Back in May, Trump management added Huawei to the entity list following the ongoing declaration of accreditation with the Chinese government, Moreover,  presumably working with Iran and North Korea.

John Sonderman, the Deputy Director of the Office of Export Enforcement in the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), sent the email through the press agency

Which includes an explanation of how its agents should approach license requests by firms seeking approval to sell to Huawei while keeping that in mind that all the applications should be merit based while it must come up with the caution that “This party is on the Entity List”.

Whereas, the “presumption of denial” licensing policy applied to Evicted Organizations must be stated clearly in these Applications.

As reported by Huawei, In a statement to Reuters, the company founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei had said Trump’s G20 statements were

Good for American companies

Huawei also wants to recommence repurchasing products from American companies. But we don’t think; it’s going to make any difference in what we are already doing. The company said that they would still be focussing on grinding their axe.

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