500 MB

Price(Not Defined Tax)
SAR. 10

1 Week


500 MBs

Zain to Zain Minutes

Zain to Other Network Minutes

Status code

Info Code

Subscrib Code
Send A500MB to 959

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Package Details

Zain is providing its customers a best and cheapest Internet Packages all the time.

"Zain Internet" is providing the best and cheapest "500 MB" Internet (for all Post Paid customers) Package for 1 Week . By using this package, you wil get validity for 1 Week "500 MB" Internet Package . By using Zain "500 MB" Internet Package you will get total SMS: 0, Total Internet: 500 MBs, Total On Net minutes: 0, Total Off Net minutes: 0 in total price of SAR. 10 (Not Defined tax).

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We are providing the world best Saudi Arab biggest mobile packages search engine where you can find all Zain Weekly Internet offers including Validity of Zain Weekly Internet packages, price of Zain Weekly Internet packages, Total internet of Zain Weekly Internet bundles , Total Off Net Minutes of Zain Weekly Internet offers , Total On Net Minutes of Zain Weekly Internet pack and Total SMS of Zain Weekly Internet buckets

Package Status Codes

  • Subscribe Code: Send A500MB to 959
  • UnSubscribe Code: None
  • Info Code: None
  • Status Code: None

Terms & Conditions

  • This package is applicable for all Zain Post Paid customers.
  • All prices are Not Defined of taxes.
  • Subscrib Package Via : Send A500MB to 959
  • Unsubscrib Package Via : None
  • Get Package status Via : None
  • Get Package details Via : None
  • This package will be aplicable for 1 Week only. When you subscribe the time will start till 1 Week
  • All other Zain Terms and conditions will apply

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